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Acquia Cloud Edge is a family of solutions that extends the security and performance advantages of the Acquia Platform to the edge of the distribution network.

Acquia Cloud Edge

Acquia Cloud Edge (powered by CloudFlare) stops online threats before they reach your sites so your sites can serve legitimate visitors optimally. It can also speed global delivery of your digital experiences, ensuring the best experience for your brand anywhere in the world.

Sites across every industry are at risk for denial of service (DoS) and web application attacks. Once the exclusive domain of elite hackers, the methods and resources available to conduct such attacks have evolved dramatically, allowing large-scale, global distributed denial of service (DDoS) and web application attacks.

Actors can lease the capability to launch such an attack for a just few dollars per hour or hundreds of dollars a day. The attacks from these low-cost tools can be devastating, causing significant damage to an organization’s brand and the loss of customer trust.


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