Acquia Cloud Edge Data Sheet

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • How to increase revenue by ensuring your users’ experience
  • Preventing the risk associated with online threats
  • Ways to build trust by avoiding downtime
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Acquia Edge is a family of solutions that extends the security and performance advantages of the Acquia Platform to the edge of the distribution network.

Acquia Cloud Edge

Don’t lose out on user engagement with a lagging site. Acquia Edge CDN can speed up global delivery of your digital experiences and ensure the best experience for your customers anywhere in the world.

Edge does more than just performance. Acquia Edge Security stops online threats before they reach your sites with advanced DDoS mitigation and a powerful Web Application Firewall. Level up your security even more by adding on extensive bot management capabilities so you can be prepared to face any form of malicious web activity and enable your sites to serve legitimate visitors optimally.

Download the datasheet and learn more about how Acquia Edge can help you.


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