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The imminent release of a new insulin pump product gave VitalAire a unique opportunity to reach patients with the digitization of medical supply refills.


A tight timeframe coinciding with the product launch left no room for error.

Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform


VitalAire’s new patient portal with its prescription-based ordering tool was completed and launched on time, allowing patients to manage their treatment and reorder their supplies.





The Client

VitalAire and its subsidiaries support more than 150,000 customers with home healthcare services. Based in Germany, the company specializes in respiratory and sleep apnea home therapy, out-patient ventilation, long-term oxygen and monitoring services.

The Situation

The imminent release of an innovative new insulin pump product presented VitalAire and its parent company AirLiquide with a unique opportunity to reach new patients with the digitization of medical supply refills. The timing of this change, however, meant VitalAire needed to move quickly to bring this new patient portal to life before its competition did the same.

The Challenge

Time was not on VitalAire’s side. With the new insulin pump launch timeline setting the pace, the company needed the entire portal project — from build and decision-making to availability for patients — to occur within 5 weeks. There was no room for error. 

But timing wasn’t the only challenge the company faced. Prior to the creation of the patient portal, VitalAire had no digital touchpoint for patients and customers. Back office teams – primarily working through call centers and separate offline processes – faced high call volume, repetitive tasks and general process inefficiencies, all of which ultimately impacted customer satisfaction. Additionally, an e-commerce integration was required for the portal but VitalAire had no existing commerce solution in place.

The Solution

The project specifically involved the creation of an online patient portal that would allow patients with diabetes to manage access to prescription insulin pump-related equipment. With the new system, following an appointment with a healthcare professional, patients could be automatically pre-registered on the VitalAire website, receiving their new patient ID via both postal mail and email, along with instructions for initiating the process of reordering medication and supplies.

Working with EPAM Systems, the teams immediately began with a discovery workshop to ensure that the scope and requirements were fully understood, detailing all the features and functionality that patients would need. The Acquia Cloud Platform provided an easy answer to the infrastructure question and alleviated any infrastructure-related time constraints from the equation, allowing EPAM’s teams to focus on the design and development of the application itself. Commerce functionality was provided by commercetools, which was easily integrated with Drupal. The teams brought in diabetes patients to experience the portal firsthand during the development process and used feedback to inform and support the refinement of a highly simplified, user-optimized solution.

With a very short window in which to define, build and launch this solution, EPAM worked closely with VitalAire to distill requirements for an MVP and the most expedient path to its successful deployment. 

The Results

The new VitalAire patient portal with its prescription-based ordering tool was completed and launched on time. Patients can now remotely manage their diabetes treatments and easily reorder supplies from their own homes, an especially important benefit for patients during a pandemic. The application is both professional and informative while maintaining a clean user experience and an accessible aesthetic that does not feel oppressively disease-focused or medical in nature. 

The patient portal has been an early success, having achieved the number of participants for the initial order that the client envisioned. This is paving the way for a raft of enhancements currently underway including online appointment management, marketing automation integrations and greatly expanded informational content. VitalAire plans to continue evolving the application and driving its use to streamline back-office processes, enhancing the customer experience while also allowing for a reduction in scale to telephone-driven processes and call centers.


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