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17 %

increase in time on page

25 %

reduction in site builds



Unit4 wanted to make its website more globally accessible for multiple contributors.


Its previous platform underperformed, and online support was limited.

Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Cloud Edge, Drupal CMS, Acquia Site Studio


The new site has improved uptime and performance, with page speed down to a single sub-second. Time on page has increased by 17% and site builds have been reduced by 25%. 


The Client

Unit4’s next-generation enterprise solutions power many of the world’s most people-centric mid-market organizations. Its state-of-the-art cloud platform, ERPx, brings together the capabilities of Financials, Procurement, Project Management, HR, and FP&A onto a unified cloud platform that shares real-time information and is designed with a powerful, people-centric approach, so employees can benefit from better insight and become more effective and increasingly engaged. The company serves more than 6,000 customers globally.

The Situation

Unit4 wanted to develop a website with a more globally accessible codebase that would support multiple contributors. And it needed a platform that could be helpful right out of the box to speed the site build process and time to market. The company wanted a solution with features it could grow into, so over time, it could evolve its web presence on a single platform. 

The Challenge

Unit4’s previous Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution was quite powerful, but its documentation and online resources were limited. The available out-of-the-box features were similarly limited, as the code base was focused on one language, the .Net framework. Additionally, platform outages were problematic; the company needed a more stable, flexible, fully supported platform that was easy for the team to implement and work with.

The Solution 

Unit4 partnered with Drupal specialists Coherence, and the teams consulted a web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) team to identify ways to make the new Unit4 website built with Drupal CMS more accessible, allowing it to be in business for all people.

In addition, Coherence created Core Web Vitals reports to ensure the website it built was device-agnostic, moving Unit4 away from a flat site to allow for more creative methods of content presentation. Using Acquia Edge has ensured that DDoS attacks have had minimal effect on the general usage of the website, stabilizing site uptime and performance.

The Results

The combination of Drupal and Acquia has improved the new site's improved uptime and performance. Notably, page speed has improved from 1.5 seconds with the previous iteration to a single sub-second with the Acquia-powered new site, and the site has recorded a consistent 99.99% uptime over the last 24 months. Time on page has increased by 17%, meaning customer engagement has increased. And the company’s time to market has improved; Acquia Site Studio and its module library have eased site builds by 25%.

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