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65 %

increase in contact requests

34 %

increase in demo requests

30 %

increase in pages per session



Brightly’s legacy brand and website were limiting the growing company.


Brand perception issues and site difficulties proved challenging.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform

  • 65% increase in contact requests
  • 34% increase in demo requests
  • 19% increase in overall site goals
  • 36% decrease in bouncerate
  • 30% lift in pages per session
  • 20% reduction in average page load time

The Client

Formerly known as Dude Solutions, Brightly is a cloud-based asset and maintenance management software leader headquartered in Cary, NC. The company has around 800 employees serving around 12,000 customers, mainly across the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia. Brightly is now part of Siemens SI. 

The Situation

Brightly was a growing global company with a legacy brand and website that limited that growth in more ways than one. The company wanted to activate a new global brand with a website powered by a smart, sustainable design system. The catch? The project needed to cover a lot of ground and be completed by the timed brand campaign launch in less than 12 weeks.

The Challenge

Brightly had some brand perception problems that held it back from globally scaling. Its previous name (“Dude Solutions”) was problematic and confusing to audiences in different countries. The company’s prior site had its own difficulties; designed without management or the needs of content authors in mind, the previous site was extremely cumbersome to manage, performed inefficiently, and was expensive to maintain. The new site needed to be leaner and more efficient, including learnings from months of prior UX optimization in order to create a high-performing lead-gen machine.  

Additionally, the new Brightly website needed to present its product portfolio in a unified and cohesive way. This meant taking previously acquired product sites that were running independently on disparate CMSs and rolling them into the site to deliver a less fragmented experience. 

Finally, the ultimate goal for the new Brightly site was to be a stepping stone toward a truly international message with localized and translated product content per region. The company needed an extremely flexible design system capable of adapting to future regions, languages, product acquisitions, and marketing campaigns.

The Solution

Brightly partnered with enterprise Drupal agency Elevated Third. The teams worked to build on months of previous optimization work to streamline the customer conversion journey.

When the updated brand was finally revealed, it was loaded with engaging elements and possibilities. Elevated Third translated fantastic “on paper” design ideas into a Drupal-friendly design system that would accentuate the brand while remaining maintainable and sustainable going forward. The teams determined how the brand should look and operate, while also determining how Drupal Layout Builder should manage components. Elevated Third also implemented rules for illustrative elements, complex componentry, and built-in branded colors to maintain consistency and reduce the load on Brightly admins. 

In parallel, Elevated Third facilitated a complete content training and migration process with the Brightly team. Unfortunately, due to such a poorly architected content structure on the previous site, programmatic migration was impossible, and all pages had to be migrated manually. But this process gave the team a valuable opportunity to consolidate and perform QA as they progressed with oversight and support from Elevated Third’s UX team.

The Results

The new site went live within 12 weeks of the project's start – a huge success. Initial post-launch reports showed the new site was effective at generating leads. Specifically, at three weeks post-launch, Brightly has seen:

  •  65% increase in contact requests
  •  34% increase in demo requests
  •  19% increase in overall site goals
  •  36% decrease in bouncerate
  •  30% lift in pages per session
  •  20% reduction in average page load time

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