Case Study

Red Lion Hotel Corporation




RLH Corp was seeking a refreshed website design and more robust CMS platform to support their family of properties and brands.


RLH Corp has multiple systems for managing content, multiple systems for booking and reservations, and data that is dynamically updated in almost real time.

Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Edge, Acquia Personalization, Acquia Lightning


A new modern scalable site that is easy to maintain by a small internal team.

The Client:

Red Lion Hotels Corporation is an innovative hotel company, which focuses on the franchising of upscale, midscale and economy hotels. The Company strives to maximize return on invested capital for hotel owners across North America through relevant brands, industry-leading technology and forward-thinking services.

The Situation:

RLH Corp approached Adcetera to help their family of brands achieve a refreshed website design and to redeploy it on a more robust CMS platform to provide enhanced functionality, enhance overall usability and navigational flow, as well as improve their ability to maintain it. 

The Challenge:

RLH Corp has multiple systems for managing content across all of their properties as well as multiple systems for handling bookings and reservations. With so many different brands and properties under the corporate name, the website is 95% dynamic, with property, availability and pricing changing by the minute, making it challenging to manage data that is changed by multiple sources and updated on the site in near real-time. 

The Solution:

The Acquia Cloud Platform enabled Adcetera to create and implement a scalable and high-performing digital experience serving over half a million users per month on the domain. With Acquia at its core, integrates with more than ten data source, and is SEO optimized. The site also support customer segmentation and personalization and it is 95% dynamic in content. 

The Results:

The RLH Corp marketing organization is able to manage and maintain the website on a day-to-day basis with a small internal team, enabling them to stay agile in addressing everything from new sites to support requests without the need for a developer. The website has a design that is seamless for mobile users and has all of the same components and features as the desktop site. RLH Corp now has the flexibility to spin up new sites for new properties that all leverage the same foundational architecture. 

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