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Peterbilt’s website didn’t effectively communicate its revolutionary design and technology.


The company only had two months to launch a new user-focused website that showcased its achievements in technology and transportation and reflected the brand’s innovative spirit.

Our Solution

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Industry response to Peterbilt’s new website exceeded even the company’s high expectations

The Client

For 80 years, Peterbilt has supplied the North American commercial vehicle market with the industry’s most rugged, reliable and efficient products. Based in Denton, Texas, Peterbilt manufactures highway, vocational and medium-duty trucks that provide value to their owners and pride to their drivers. These vehicles are supported through industry-leading aftermarket programs and a dedicated network of independent dealerships.

The Situation

Peterbilt’s design and technology continue to revolutionize the trucking industry, but its existing website didn’t communicate that. The Peterbilt team realized that it needed a new site to embody the brand’s rich heritage, speak to the concerns of fleet buyers and owner-operators, and make it easy to find a dealer – all while providing the same superior performance as a Peterbilt truck. 

The Challenge

Peterbilt had a number of must-haves for its new website, but what it didn’t have was the luxury of working at a leisurely pace. The time from design and development to launch was a mere two months. 

The Solution

Blue Fountain Media worked with Peterbilt to create a user-focused website to showcase the company’s achievements in both technology and transportation and reflect the brand’s innovative spirit. Blue Fountain Media’s strategy and content teams worked together with Peterbilt to apply the brand identity, collaborating on value propositions and messaging direction that captured the uniqueness of Peterbilt, which in turn helped shape the site navigation. Making full use of the brand’s digital assets throughout the site, the team lavished extra attention on the homepage, highlighting the premium nature of the product offering.

For its main audiences – prospective purchasers of fleet or owner-operated vehicles – the team made trucks simple to find by building a highly visual navigation to distinguish different models. They made it similarly easy to find a dealer with robust functionality and clear, site-wide calls to action.

The Results

The Peterbilt team now has incredible flexibility with the new site built on Drupal 8. They are able to easily add and adjust components, images and copy without breaking the site or detracting from its overall look and feel. The industry response to Peterbilt’s new website exceeded even the company’s high expectations. Not only does the new site give the brand a modern look and feel, it sets a platform for gaining an even bigger lead on the competition.

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