Case Study


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52 %

Increase in site users

112 %

Increase in direct traffic

25 %

Increase in page views



Moderna needed to showcase their technology and potential treatments online using exciting content, a unique pipeline, and a glimpse into medicine development. By spreading awareness about their medicines, they aimed to expand drug development and differentiate their brand in a crowded marketplace.



Moderna’s site needed to be launched within a short timeframe. They had key milestones approaching that called for a strong digital presence.

Our Solution

Drupal, Acquia Cloud Platform

  • 52% increase in site users
  • 112% increase in direct traffic
  • 25% increase in page views

The Client 

Since 2010, Moderna has worked to build the industry's leading mRNA technology platform, the infrastructure to accelerate drug discovery and early development, a rapidly expanding pipeline, and a world-class team. Their pipeline includes development candidates for mRNA-based vaccines and therapies spanning several therapeutic areas. They also have multiple clinical trials underway with other development candidates progressing toward the clinic, as well as numerous discovery programs advancing toward development.  

The Situation

The pre-launch phase of drug development poses many challenges for marketers. In Moderna’s case, they had come to a point where it was key to develop a website that could communicate their medicine’s potential value to stakeholders and investors. By creating engaging content and giving users a glimpse into medicine development, they aimed to create an impactful digital presence.

The Challenge

Moderna needed their new website live within two months in time for the J.P. Morgan Investors Conference. This tight timeline posed a challenge for everyone involved—tasking them with the job of producing an engaging website very quickly. Moderna also needed to migrate from their existing overly complex infrastructure to a simpler, more agile solution.

The Solution

Moderna enlisted the help of Boston Digital to design and develop an effective, engaging website that would be ready in time for the conference. The agency took a strategic approach, migrating Moderna’s assets to Acquia Cloud Platform, which gave them a consistent, easy-to-use Drupal structure. They also built an easily accessible, modernized pipeline for audiences to learn more about the progression of individual medicines, from development to trials, along with extensive descriptions about each. The developer- and marketer-friendly Acquia Cloud Platform allowed the team to quickly create, edit, and manage the site's content even under tight deadlines.


Boston Digital next highlighted the efforts and constant dedication from the Moderna team through company photography and information. Finally, they created and integrated engaging, relevant content such as video, photography, and copy throughout the site to communicate Moderna’s forward-thinking medicines in a multi-dimensional way. The powerful developer tools and integrations included with Acquia Cloud Platform streamlined Boston Digital's dev workflow so their team could build, test, and optimize the new Moderna site in a fraction of the time of a legacy platform.

The Results

With the support of Acquia Cloud Platform, the website launched in just two months, right on schedule. Moderna was also able to significantly increase their number of site users, direct traffic and page views. 

  • 52% increase in site users

  • 112% increase in direct traffic

  • 25% increase in page views

Acquia Cloud Platform's ease of use future-proofs the Moderna digital experience, allowing the team to freely innovate and continue engaging their customers

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