Case Study

Louisville Water Company

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Louisville Water’s content-heavy website made it difficult for customers to find answers to their questions. Since online information wasn’t synced with in-office systems, pick-up orders were often not ready when customers arrived.


To create a more customer-centric experience, Louisville Water’s team needed to make navigation simpler. Reducing the need to call customer service and providing accessible up-to-date information for customers were primary goals.

Our Solution

Drupal, Acquia Cloud Platform

  • Increased customer satisfaction, quicker customer service through the website
  • Reduction in call center volume
  • More time for representatives to focus on complex questions
  • Manual employee tasks now accomplished in hours, rather than days

The Client

In business since 1860, Louisville Water Company serves more than one million people across 1,000 square miles. The treatment plants deliver nearly 120 million gallons of water per day to customers and are rated as two of the top 16 in North America. Louisville Water scientists pioneered landmark experiments in filtration that are still used today, and the company has won multiple best tasting tap water awards over the years. Louisville Water is also the only utility in the country to trademark its tap water, Louisville pure tap®.

The Situation

Louisville Water’s previous website felt a bit too content heavy, making it difficult for customers to quickly find answers to their specific questions. Additionally, because the online information wasn’t synced with in-office systems, customers would call or email customer service for information they couldn’t find or would arrive in-person to pick up items, only to find they weren’t ready. Louisville Water’s team knew that a more customer-friendly website was in order.

The Challenge

Reviewing their previous website, Louisville Water’s team realized that they were forcing customers to click through several pages to access information they needed. One customer service challenge was the inability to show the location of crew work. There was no way to automate it, as the systems containing the information didn’t “talk” to each other. One of the goals of the new site was to display this information and eliminate the need for customers to call or email customer service.

louisville water screen

The Solution

Together with their long-term technology partner Net Tango, Louisville Water implemented an enterprise content management platform that would be flexible and scalable, yet customer-centric. Usability and the delivery of a rich customer experience would be at its core. The teams moved forward with the new site on Drupal. Along with building the enterprise-level website, Net Tango also developed efficiencies to automate many previously manual processes.

The Results

Making the move to Drupal and Acquia Cloud Platform has positively impacted employees and customers alike. Customers can take advantage of the new features to help them get the answers they need. Call center volume relating to these items has reduced, allowing representatives to focus on more complex questions. Since implementing the new site, manual tasks that used to take Louisville Water employees an entire day can now be accomplished in hours.

Customer satisfaction has increased because customers can easily find the information and resources they need without requiring assistance from staff. For example, Louisville Water customers can simply enter their address to see if planned work is occurring in their area and information on boil water advisories during large scale main breaks. When staff assistance is necessary, employees can share account-specific information thanks to the site’s secure server. Future plans include connecting its customer service software to the web platform, allowing customers to start and stop service online.

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