Case Study

Konica Minolta

digital workpace platform
200 %

increase in acquired leads



Konica Minolta was launching a new business manual SaaS platform, COCOMITE, and needed to accelerate customer awareness and interest.


COCOMITE’S small marketing team needed to launch new digital marketing campaigns quickly and personalize these communications to connect with Konica Minolta’s large, multinational audience and support the global salesforce with more business leads.

Our Solution

Acquia Campaign Studio


Acquia Campaign Studio’s powerful personalization abilities allowed COCOMITE to serve more relevant, timely content to customers and prospects and enabled stronger sales and marketing collaboration. Overall, they saw their number of acquired leads increase by 200% and the rate at which these leads turned into sales conversations increase by 300%.

The Client

Konica Minolta, Inc. is a multinational manufacturing and technology company headquartered in Japan, with offices spanning more than 49 countries. For over a century, Konica Minolta has been a leader in photographic and printing technology, producing a wide range of products, including laser printers, copiers and cameras. The organization also provides healthcare organizations with diagnostic imaging technologies such as X-ray and ultrasound systems. 

The Situation

In 2019, Konica Minolta extended their mission to transform the modern digital workforce with the launch of COCOMITE, a subscription-style SaaS platform that creates and centrally manages business manuals for organizations. COCOMITE empowers HR professionals by allowing administrators to easily update work manuals with new information, track version differences and create multimedia training materials.  

The COCOMITE solution was first launched to the public at the Kansai HR Expo in November 2019 where thousands of potential customers were encouraged to view a demo and participate in a trial to understand how COCOMITE could serve their workplace productivity, creativity and human resources development. In order to accelerate customer awareness of this new platform and generate further activity, COCOMITE’s marketing leaders needed to launch new digital marketing campaigns quickly and tailor these efforts to connect with Konica Minolta’s large, multinational audience. 

The Challenge

Tasked with leading marketing efforts for a new business division, COCOMITE’s small marketing team struggled to efficiently deploy new marketing campaigns that connected with a large population of potential customers within Konica Minolta’s expansive and diverse sales database. They needed a marketing automation tool that could utilize customer information from their various marketing systems, as well as activate customer insights from their team in the field. This meant finding an agile technology that offered visibility into customer behavior and could help them drive leads to thousands of sales representatives dispersed around the globe. 

The Solution

Solutionplus, an integrated cloud services provider in Japan, recommended Acquia Campaign Studio, Acquia’s open marketing automation and campaign management solution, to enable COCOMITE’s marketing activities and propel business growth. As a Certified Partner, Solutionplus was confident that Acquia Campaign Studio offered the flexibility COCOMITE needed to quickly launch new landing pages and email campaigns while incorporating individual personalization. Campaign Studio’s interoperability with other technology also allowed marketers to better track customer data both online and from in-person exhibitions. They could then share this data with their sales teams in one centralized location. 

The Results

cocomite template

Since implementing Campaign Studio, COCOMITE has seen greater alignment and collaboration between their sales and marketing efforts. Campaign Studio’s powerful personalization abilities allow their marketers to serve more relevant, timely content to their customers and prospects. After COCOMITE began using Campaign Studio for marketing automation, they were able to acquire twice as many leads as they had been previously.

Moreover, the sales team could now more efficiently follow up on these leads and turn them into conversations by fusing all of their sources of digital information in Campaign Studio. With greater insight into their customer database, the rate that COCOMITE was able to make appointments with the leads they generated grew by 300%, which has helped them win more deals and deliver greater value to the business.

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