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2 x

Email open rates

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email clickthrough rates

621 %

increase in Mother's Day campaign ROAS



GODIVA wanted to unify data across digital channels and brick & mortar locations to provide an even more engaging experience across all channels, increase loyalty and drive marketing ROI.


In March 2020, GODIVA proactively closed its boutiques and GODIVA Cafés in North America to safeguard its employees and consumers against the COVID-19 pandemic. This measure meant that GODIVA needed to quickly supercharge their e-commerce operations to meet consumer demand.

Our Solution

Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP)


Driven by Acquia CDP’s unified customer data and analytical insights, GODIVA's targeted marketing campaigns have led to several wins, including:

  • Doubled email open rates and tripled email clickthrough rates among boutique-only shoppers.
  • Increased return on advertising spend by 621% for a Mother’s Day campaign.
  • Identified best acquisition products resulting in one of the brand’s most successful Instagram posts.
  • Capitalized on the agility needed to move to an e-commerce centric sales model when COVID-19 hit.

The Client

GODIVA Chocolatier is the global leader in premium chocolate. The company was founded in Brussels in 1926 by Belgian Chocolatier, Pierre Draps. Nearly a century later, every piece of GODIVA chocolate is still bursting with quality, Belgian craftsmanship, and the world’s finest ingredients. GODIVA has distribution in more than 100 countries across the globe. Customers can experience GODIVA at the iconic brand’s chocolate boutiques, cafés,, in the chocolate aisle of supermarkets and drug stores, and at many fine retailers.

The Situation

With the consumer as the focus, GODIVA wanted to better connect the experience between its brick & mortar stores and its digital presence. To fulfill its mission of being available wherever and however consumers want to engage, GODIVA knew it needed to provide shoppers with a premium experience regardless of whether they were visiting in-person, shopping the website or accessing the app.

The Challenge

GODIVA was keen to step up targeting in its marketing campaigns. What was the best way to gather insights that would drive optimization of its media strategy and outbound marketing campaigns? What content, messaging and offers would be most effective at driving sales? Finding answers to these questions and more led the company to explore new solutions that would allow it to drive personalized customer engagement and loyalty through a unified view of the customer. While in the midst of digital transformation, all the brand’s boutiques were proactively closed to safeguard employees and customers against COVID-19, leaving its e-commerce site as its main direct-to-consumer (DTC) revenue generator.

The Solution

Godiva Website on a Laptop

GODIVA decided in 2019 to replace its previous CRM vendor with a best-in-class customer data platform (CDP) that would unify all its data. While GODIVA’s CRM solution offered data collection and audience management capabilities, the company realized it needed way more: strong identity resolution, a 360-degree view of the customer, dashboards, ad-hoc queries, analytical insights, machine learning, advanced customer segmentation and personalization.

Wanting to ensure it chose the best CDP, GODIVA created a comprehensive questionnaire to include in its RFP process, which outlined a list of 97 features and functionalities, 106 IT and data security requirements and 15 current and future use cases. Additionally, the team placed great emphasis on finding a platform with an easy-to-use UI that would work well for non-technical marketers and customer service reps.

After shortlisting vendors and conducting side-by-side comparisons, GODIVA ultimately chose Acquia’s Customer Data Platform. Working with Acquia, the teams implemented the platform, allowing GODIVA to obtain comprehensive customer-level insights and activation capabilities.

The Results

GODIVA’s journey with the Acquia Customer Data Platform has served as a key pillar for the company’s digital transformation, and the results have been significant in various use cases, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Converting boutique-only buyers to online shoppers: With boutiques closed, the first mission was to convert boutique-only buyers to online shoppers. GODIVA used the Acquia CDP to target retail-only buyers but suppressed those buyers who tend to purchase primarily freshly handcrafted products — like soft serve ice cream or dipped strawberries — which were only available in store. The targeted email nearly doubled the average open rate and nearly tripled the clickthrough rate. The day of the email, web traffic increased by 63% and revenue generated was impressive.
  • Reengaging new buyers: GODIVA created a campaign focusing on buyers who had only purchased once in the previous six months. The brand unified offline and online data and, using strong identity resolution, confidently identified true first-time shoppers. Then, GODIVA reached out to these customers with a free shipping/no-minimum offer that included a unique redemption code, making recipients feel special. Convincing recent first-time shoppers to purchase again resulted in strong open and clickthrough rates, setting a new bar in email performance for the brand.
  • Supporting brick and mortar store reopening: When its NorthPark Center boutique in Dallas was able to reopen, GODIVA relied on the Acquia CDP to overlay different data sources, creating a campaign using geotargeting to identify shoppers within a 25-mile radius as well as buyers who had purchased at two specific Dallas locations in the previous year. With this campaign, GODIVA was able to drive significant traffic to the reopened location and to encourage downloads of its newly launched mobile app. The geolocation was especially valuable in support of the app’s curbside pickup and delivery features.
  • Mother’s Day retargeting: Believing that previous gift buyers could be enticed to purchase more gifts, GODIVA created media and email campaigns retargeting buyers who had shopped during at least one of the previous gifting seasons — Mother’s Day the previous year, the 2019 holiday season or — more recently — Valentine’s Day in 2020. The brand’s Mother’s Day targeting yielded a return on advertising spend (ROAS) increase of 621% and 42% more clicks.
  • Lookalike modeling: As an acquisition strategy, GODIVA created a lookalike audience based on the top 40% of its buyers and provided them with an exclusive offer. Using lookalike modeling to build acquisition audiences, the brand’s return on advertising spend increased 188% versus its benchmark. Social media ROAS was just as impressive, with Facebook’s ROAS coming in 173% higher and Instagram’s 238% higher.
  • Determining content: GODIVA used the Acquia CDP to identify its top acquisition SKUs and created social ad content based on those products, which included Truffles, Gold Ballotins and Biscuits — the latter an unexpected top acquisition driver. By using data to drive content, the company’s Biscuit-focused post performed well on Twitter and was one of its all-time top posts on Instagram.

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