Case Study


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32 %

increase in revenue

5 %

increase in customer retention rates

47 %

increase in reactivated customers



DAVIDsTEA wanted to build on its brick and mortar success, but had difficulty translating the one-to-one in-store relationship with customers to other channels


With more than 2 million customers in its loyalty program, DAVIDsTEA had massive amounts of data but no clear way to act on it.

Our Solution

Acquia Customer Data Platform


Working with Acquia CDP, DAVIDsTEA achieved impressive results, including:

  • 5% increase in customer retention rate
  • 47% boost in reactivated DAVIDsTEA customers
  • 30% boost in email-generated revenue
  • 32% increase in revenue
  • 20% increase in email open rates
  • 3.8% jump in clickthrough rates

The Client

Founded in Toronto in 2008, DAVIDsTEA is a specialty tea and tea accessory retailer. The company — which went public in 2015 — has grown from a single store to more than 240 stores, 50 of which are in the U.S. 

The Situation

DAVIDsTea wanted to build on its brick and mortar success, developing wholesale business and doubling or even tripling its online business without negatively impacting its retail stores. But considering the myriad of possible customer journeys and the complexity of both the product and potential purchase paths, having meaningful one-to-one customer conversations was difficult. 

The Challenge

Despite its growth, DAVIDsTEA was concerned its “Frequent Steeper” loyalty program data was not being tapped to its full potential. With 80% of the company’s transactions and 75% of revenue directly related to the program, the company had amassed a plethora of customer data — including key transactional and behavioral data for more than 2 million loyalty program members. Unfortunately, DAVIDsTEA lacked the ability to effectively analyze and act on the data to make smarter marketing and business decisions. 

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The Solution

DAVIDsTEA executives developed a strategy to not only use data to improve customer experiences, but also to identify high-value customers and use personalization to increase engagement in particular customer segments. The company’s existing loyalty program gave DAVIDsTEA a massive head start; using previously logged customer data, the Acquia Customer Data Platform was able to give executives answers to questions about customer value, return rate and even how many customers the company maintained year-after-year. 

The Results 

Working with Acquia CDP, DAVIDsTEA achieved impressive results. The company’s customer retention rate increased by 5% and the number of reactivated DAVIDsTEA customers increased by 47%. Email-generated revenue saw a 30% boost. Acquia CDP’s ability to provide stronger segmentation and enhanced predictive analysis has been integral in DAVIDsTEA’s growth; revenue has increased by more than 32%, email open rates were boosted by 20% and clickthrough rates saw a 3.8% jump — all without having to add headcount to the business.

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