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Citizen Watch

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Citizen Watch worked with an external agency to create, store, and manage their creative content.


Each time Citizen needed an asset, they had to call their agency and ask them to send it, creating numerous workflow bottlenecks.

Our Solution

Acquia DAM (Widen), including the Assets, Insights, Portals, and Workflow applications, and integrations


Acquia DAM allows Citizen to manage their creative content in-house, and distribute assets across internal teams, retailers, and e-commerce platforms with ease.

The Client

Citizen Watch has been a trusted name and brand leader in the watch industry for over 100 years. Their marketing team has a history of working with external agencies to produce creative content.

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The Situation

Without a software solution to help them store and manage their creative assets in-house, they relied on creative agencies to own and manage this content. 

The Challenge

Whenever the Citizen marketing team needed an asset, they had to call their creative agency and pay for each use. Further, the assets that Citizen stored locally were hard to find and rarely the master file they needed. “It was not cost effective and it was a waste of time for everybody,” said Brenda Abbott, former Art Director at Citizen. 

The marketing team was consumed by asset requests from retailers. Responding to each request meant they had to find, load, zip, and send it. They needed a better way.

The Solution

Citizen selected Acquia DAM as their digital asset management (DAM) system because of its ease of use and overall fit.

A one-stop shop for digital assets

Acquia DAM gives stakeholders self-serve, friction-free access to the creative content they need. “This was a big deal for us, to be able to put [content] somewhere where everyone can access,” said Brenda. Citizen uses roles and permissions to control which assets are available to different groups, including internal teams, retailers, and e-commerce. 

 And with Portals in Acquia DAM, they can support campaigns and advertising priorities by bundling product-related content. This includes web banners, billboards, commercials, and print ads. Brenda shared, “It’s an easier way to group it all together and make it visually pleasing.”

Further, Acquia DAM helps them control brand quality across their three subsidiaries, with a designated area in the system for each brand. “Three custom URLs — all with a shared back end — help keep each brand’s identity,” Brenda remarked.

Streamlined content operations, from creation to distribution

In recent years, the Citizen marketing team has expanded their in-house creative work to meet demand — the requests for custom art have quadrupled. To support this growth, they use Acquia DAM’s Workflow application to guide and automate their internal review and approval process.

And by connecting the DAM system with other martech tools, they have optimized content sharing and distribution. The integration with their e-commerce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, allows them to share current promotional assets with retailers quickly and easily.

Strong partnership

Before, during, and after the implementation of Acquia DAM, Citizen has relied on Acquia’s Support team to get their questions answered quickly. And they partnered with Acquia’s Professional Services team to refine the metadata, user roles, and asset groups in one area in their DAM site. At every step of their DAM journey, Acquia has been there to help.

The Results

Empowered retailers and internal teams

Acquia DAM allows over 3,000 independent retailers to access the content they need to promote and sell Citizen watches. This has drastically reduced the time their marketing team spends answering emails and sending images, allowing them to focus on creative work instead. “We go about our day differently,” Brenda emphasized. 

An integral part of Citizen’s business

With Acquia DAM at the center of the content operations, the marketing team has more time to work, retailers have self-service access to the artwork they need to sell watches, and their e-commerce platform is populated with assets directly from the DAM system. As Citizen’s marketing strategy continually evolves, Acquia DAM will scale to support their business needs and goals. “We have made the DAM [system] such an integral part of our business that there’s no way we can do without it,” Brenda said.

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