The #1 Hosting and Development Platform for Drupal Sites

Run your sites and applications on the only Drupal hosting platform that’s built for Drupal developers by Drupal developers.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting


Fully Managed Drupal Hosting

We take care of everything you need from hosting infrastructure to world-class Drupal application support.

Development Tools For Fast Deployment

Robust out-of-the-box development tools for building and deploying Drupal sites designed to fit your workflow.

Secure and Compliant Drupal Cloud

We are the only cloud that provides built-in security and independent audits to validate compliance with global and industry security standards.

Small Sites

Acquia Cloud Professional

Host personal blogs and small sites

  • Self-service capacity management
  • Site optimization tools

Starting At:

$141 USD/mo.

The Basics

Acquia Cloud Standard

The basics needed to build, deploy, and manage Drupal sites.

  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • Low-code solution for building and editing Drupal (Cohesion) 
  • 24/7 On-Call Support
  • Site optimization tools
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Launch Success Guarantee

Acquia Cloud Premium & Elite

Designed to provide all the tools needed to build, deploy, and manage an enterprise-grade Drupal site.

  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • Low-code solution for building and editing Drupal (Cohesion) 
  • 24/7 On-Call Support
  • Site optimization tools
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Launch Success Guarantee
  • Built-in Continuous Integration
  • On-demand environments
  • Industry Compliance Support (HIPAA, PCI, FedRAMP)
  • Team Technical Account Manager
  • Log forwarding
  • IP whitelisting
  • Enterprise SSO
  • Fastest critical support response

Feature Highlights

  • Cloud Hosting Built Just for Drupal

    With hundreds of Drupal developers across the company, no one knows Drupal better than Acquia. That’s why the most demanding Drupal sites in the world run on Acquia Cloud.

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  • World Class Drupal Support

    Acquia’s world-class cloud and Drupal support is available 24/7 in all time zones in seven languages. We provide experienced technical account managers, customer success teams, remote administration, and best practices customized to your needs.

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  • Secure by Design

    Run your Drupal sites on the most secure and compliant hosting platform with support for FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, and more.

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  • Run Sites on the Fastest Drupal Platform

    With Acquia Cloud and our team of Drupal experts, your site is always tuned for maximum performance.

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  • Developers are in Complete Control

    Build, test, and optimize Drupal sites with developer tools, APIs, CLIs, and pre-built integrations that streamline every stage of your development workflow.

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  • Build Decoupled Drupal Apps on a Single Platform

    Create back-end applications with Drupal and server-side rendered front-end applications on the same platform with built-in support for Node.js. 

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The Only Platform Purpose Built for Drupal
Features Acquia Pantheon DIY
Low Code Site Building
Drupal Core Updates
Guaranteed Launch Success
Dedicated Launch Success
Expert Drupal Support
24/7 Phone Support
Built-in Global CDN
Elite Only
HIPAA, SOC 1, FISMA, FEDRamp Compliant
Built-in Continuous Integration
Modern Cloud Backbone

When You Need More THan Hosting, You Need More Than Pantheon

Acquia is the #1 Contributor to Drupal

Acquia is committed to Open Source and giving back more; it’s in our DNA.

  • Acquia founder and CTO Dries Buytaert created Drupal and serves as its project lead
  • Acquia employs 15 full-time Drupal contributors and over 200 certified Drupal developers
  • Acquia helps make Drupal better for everyone by helping on important projects like Layout Builder, JSON:API, the media initiative, Lightning, Drupal 9 preparation, Drupal 8 release management, the security team and more.

To learn more about Drupal, check out our Ultimate Guide to Drupal.