Create a complete view of product content to simplify distribution. Speed times to market by streamlining how you get content from creation to customer facing.

How Entries Works

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pink acquia droplets with product screenshots from Acquia DAM coming out of them
pink acquia droplets with product screenshots from Acquia DAM coming out of them
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Improve Time to Market

Organize what customers read, see, and hear about your products in one view. Add product descriptions, feature lists, and other marketing copy alongside digital assets to create a complete view of product content.

Use Cases

Simplify Product Content Workflows

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Collaborate On Product Data Enrich

Turn product data into compelling product content that will attract and convert shoppers. Empower product marketers, copywriters, photographers, designers, and others to work together in one system.

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Deliver Content to Commerce Channels

Be where your customers shop by dynamically delivering the latest product content to marketplaces, your e-commerce site, and other channels.

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Create and Share Product Catalogs

Accelerate product launches by assembling complete product listings and equipping dealers, distributors, and retailers to represent your products accurately.

How to Prepare for Product Launches

Endless Capabilities for Your Team

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Flexible Data Modeling

Set your product data model so your teams know what information needs to be captured for each product.

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Channel Management

Determine which products, attributes, and assets go where.

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Import Technical Data

Import product specifications from upstream ERP, PLM, or MDM systems.

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Verify Data Completeness

Identify missing product information and assets or things that need approval.

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Automated Workflows

Keep copywriters, creative managers, and product managers in the know. Use custom triggers and variables to notify users at every step of the product content lifecycle.

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Product History

See lifetime activity on a product at a glance. Review the changes made to product information and edit details.

Enhance Acquia PIM

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Organize, transform, and share media files

Explore Assets


Optimize and distribute product data for all channels

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Create and share digital product catalogs

Explore Portals

Pradco Outdoor Brands

See how PRADCO Outdoor Brands uses Acquia PIM to manage product content across e-commerce channels.