Making your products and brands look good has never been easier. Acquia DAM simplifies the creation, organization, transformation, and distribution of your images and videos.

How Assets Works

stylized product UI emphasizing content dashboards
stylized product UI emphasizing content dashboards
stylized product UI emphasizing content dashboards
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Shorten Time To Market

Look Great Without File Chaos

Free up creative time and get products to market faster with automation throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Always use the latest version of files in the right format for digital and print channels.

Use Cases

Show Off Your Products

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Centralize Brand and Product Assets

Break silos between brand, product, and corporate content. Manage all assets, including studio photography, product packaging, logos, training videos, brochures, and more. Acquia makes it easy to establish product and brand relationships between your content.

acquia dam product screenshots with a pink acquia droplet

Creative Workflow Harmony

Keep product launches and campaigns moving with a seamless connection between packaging, promotional, and other workflows.

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Automate Product Metadata

Metadata helps files be found, organized, shared, and used properly. Add asset metadata up to 95% faster using existing product information. Manage product-related digital assets in product-related groups and add relevant information.

acquia DAM product screenshots with pink acquia droplet

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Publish the latest versions of assets across websites, mobile apps, marketplaces, social media sites, print catalogs, and more. Manage one file and Acquia Assets transforms it to the right dimensions and format – or even channel-specific filenames with Acquia Synciate.

How to Prepare for Product Launches

Endless Capabilities for Your Team

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Custom Metadata

Define a metadata schema that reflects your unique business processes and structure to support search, integrations, and rights management.

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Many Ways to Share

Share links, embed codes, portals, and data exports make it easy to quickly and securely get files in the right format to the right people and systems.

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AI Assistance

AI-powered auto-tagging, translations, alt text descriptions, and visually similar search help your teams keep up with volume of assets.

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Integrations and API

Connect with creative editing, project management, CMS, and other tools to keep projects moving.

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Dynamic Embed Codes

Programatically change the format, adjust the size, set the crop, and set the background color.

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Analytics and Reporting

See who’s using your assets, when, where, and how to save costs, and where to steer your marketing budget.

Enhance Acquia PIM


Unify product content for faster distribution

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Optimize and distribute product data for all channels

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Create and share digital product catalogs

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See All Acquia DAM Has To Offer

Use Acquia DAM to manage just your product assets or your enterprise-wide library.