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Content Management System

Acquia CMS

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Drupal-powered enterprise content management built for everyone to deploy content everywhere.

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Enterprise Content Management For All

Agile built, made for Drupal — high code, low code, no code. No compromise.

Four Years Straight!
Acquia Named A Leader In The 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™
Use Cases

Content Everywhere, That Everyone Can Build

Create Content With Minimal Coding

Deliver better digital experiences with intuitive, low-code tools and create valuable, composable, and reusable content with minimal developer involvement. Empower your whole team to create rich content with total brand governance.

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Deliver Omnichannel Content

Distribute content across all your digital channels, wherever they are. Built for decoupled projects and microservice environments, you’ll have rich data modeling and content management capabilities in a headless context.

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A Truly Hybrid CMS

Go beyond traditional websites and augment primary applications with decoupled or native applications that consume the same content across any channel — all at the same time. Enable your whole team to contribute content across your digital experience platform (DXP).

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Acquia Named a Leader in Digital Experience by G2

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Capabilities for Your Team



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Structured Content 

Quickly assemble and manage content models, define relationships between content types, and organize content with powerful taxonomies.

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Headless CMS and API

Hybrid headless content empowers the entire organization. Developers get the full power and flexibility of a headless content management system (CMS) and authors get low-code publishing.

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Composable Architecture

Choose from 10,000+ extensions and integrations in Drupal. Compose and adapt your CMS to stay relevant and future ready.

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Caching and Performance

Build fast sites, delivered from the edge and capable of handling extreme traffic bursts, like the Super Bowl and NBC Olympics.

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Developer Workflow Tools

Empower your developers to write more code, minimize mistakes, and innovate faster. 100% cloud-based development tools give them everything out of the box.

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Application Security

Fortify your Drupal apps from day one. Squash security issues with threat prevention, security processes, and world-class application design patterns.


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Structured Content

Organize content models, types, and taxonomies in one place.

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Low-Code Tools

You don’t need devs to build pages, everyone can do it with low-code tools.

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Drive higher search rankings, more traffic, and faster websites.

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Martech Integrations

Integrate with your existing martech stack to drive cohesive digital experiences and make the most of your digital content.

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Multilingual Management

Multiple languages? No problem. Acquia CMS makes content localization a breeze.

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Enterprise Search

Keep your customers engaged by serving them the most relevant content.

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Looking to Dive Deeper Into Headless?

Drupal backend can power more than one front end.

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Curious About Headless Front End?

The Next.JS Starter Kit helps build high-performance apps across channels.

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Case Studies

Acquia CMS in Action

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3 million

total users per month

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apps supported by a design system

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increase in average time on site

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Kick Things Off Right
Enterprise Low-Code Starter Kit
For control and creation of layout and display in Drupal powered by Acquia Site Studio
Low-code Drupal application that leverages Acquia Site Studio: ACMS common, content model, Site Studio theme, recommended community modules
- Open source - Entitlement needed for Site Studio for more than one site
Community Starter Kit
Ideal for greater autonomy over layout and display in Drupal built from community projects
Drupal application that only includes community tools: ACMS common, content model, recommended community modules
Open source
Headless Starter Kit
Optimized for a headless environment and easy for front-end developers to use
Headless Drupal application that only includes community tools: ACMS common, content model, recommended community modules, headless optimizations
Open source

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Resource Center

Discover E-Books, Data Sheets, & more.

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Creating the Virtuous Cycle with Headless, Hybrid, and Low Code 


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How Innovative Cross-Functional Teams Are Delivering Better CX


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It is a great platform, especially for those who work with Drupal and want the highest performance.

Web developer, Consultant

Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)


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Add Ons

Enhance Acquia CMS

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Site Studio

Change how you build and update digital experiences with the only low-code tool for a DXP.

  • Leverage reusable components
  • Build pages using drag-and-drop tools
  • Keep your brand consistent


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Unify customer content and profile data from multiple sources to any channel or device.

  • Improve Customer Acquisition

  • Campaign Type: A/B testing

  • Multisite Deployment, Multilingual Personalization


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Features Acquia CMS Offers

Acquia CMS provides a vast feature library by combining the best of Drupal with solutions exclusive to Acquia.

Ease of Use
Turnkey CMS available on day one of installation.
Pre-selected CMS modules that are secure and performant.
Pre-configured content types and workflows.
Component based content assembly model.
Visual page builder with drag and drop tools.
Customizable UI Kit with over 70 starter components.
Responsive design with device level breakpoints.
WCAG 2.0 AA compatible components.
Multilingual support for over 100 languages.
Editorial options to enforce accessible content creation.
Centralized content creation for numerous users.
Users can access your content on any digital device.
Content workflow decoupled from code deployment.
Customizable dashboards for content authors, editors.
Pre-selected security configuration.
Password validation and reset guidelines.
Full user access control.
Granular permissions control.
Database encryption.
Information sharing via security reports.
Dedicated community security team.
Prevention of malicious data entry.
Mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
Patching of issues before they’re exploited.
Flexible Architecture
Multi-channel content delivery.
Accelerators for any type of CMS deployment - High code, Low code, and No code.
Accelerator for customer focused applications.
Accelerator for employee focused applications.
Accelerator for channel focused applications.
API first architecture.
JSONAPI and RESTful service layer.
GraphQL modules available.
Easily deploy content through various layouts.
Configurable structured data model.
World class taxonomy system.
Data reference and reuse.
OOP plugin based architecture for infinite extensibility.
Static site generation tools available.
Support for JS web components.
Multisite capabilities from a single codebase.
Roles and permissions for individual users.
Roles and permissions for groups of users.
Roles and permissions for specific content/design elements.
Cache tagging and purge automation.
Advanced caching system.
24x7x365 support.
Ensures uptime without server outages.
Runs more than a million checks a day for potential performance issues.
Routes technology that dynamically scales across server clusters.
Language translation - allow full translation of every part of a site; content, menus, components, taxonomy, forms, comments.
Supports languages with right-to-left text direction. Those available by default include Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.
Data management in bulk.
API first architecture.
Data migration tools built-in.
Integration with personalization engine to optimize your content.
Integration with customer data platforms to inform your content strategy.
Integration with marketing automation system.
Integration with web analytics including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
Integration with social media platforms including Facebook API, LinkedIn Posts, Twitter blocks.
Integration with conversational interfaces including Alexa and Google Home.
Integration with marketing automation systems including Salesforce, Mautic, Marketo, and Epsilon.
Access to thousands of free Drupal modules that natively integrate with ACMS.
Integration with CRM systems including Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Hubspot CRM and more.
Integration with Digital Asset Management Platforms.