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The Only Centralized Marketing Automation Management Platform


Highlighted Features

Manage Multiple Mautic Instances

Streamline marketing operations across your entire business by managing all of your automation accounts within a single platform.

Create New Mautic Instances On-the-Fly

Within minutes, set up brand new instances of Mautic for new teams, business units, or clients, as you need them.

Analyze Results in Aggregate

Keep a pulse on what’s happening with a rolled-up view of how all of your campaigns, emails, and content are performing across your Mautic instances.

Replicate Campaigns Across Instances

Save time and increase efficiency by easily replicating your automated campaigns, emails, and landing pages across multiple Mautic instances.

White-labeled Mautic Instances

Customize your Mautic instances to match your company’s or client’s brand look and feel.

Replicate Instance Templates

Build a full Mautic template instance tailored specifically for your business or clients, then easily replicate the entire instance for new users.