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govCMS is available for Federal, State and Local Australian government agency Unclassified
websites. govCMS helps Australian government agencies create and run modern, mobile-friendly, secure and standards-compliant websites.

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govCMS Acquia

The Whole of Government Content Management and Website Hosting Service for Australian Government Agencies

Why does the Australian Government trust Acquia?

govCMS is built on the Acquia Cloud Site Factory Platform. Together with the Department of Finance, Acquia helps Australian government agencies meet the new digital government standards by utilizing a secure, reliable, flexible, open source solution to drive citizen engagement.

Benefits of govCMS


The govCMS distribution (govCMS core functions and features) is WCAG AA compliant and follows best practice service design, based on the Australian Government’s emerging Digital Service Standard.


Ease the pain of compliance with a security-accredited service where the platform and the code is proactively tested, updated and maintained for you to ward off any threats.


Have confidence that the govCMS platform is architected with redundancy at each layer, runs load balancers and a CDN, completes disaster recovery backups and is monitored 24x7 by a global team to ensure high availability.


govCMS gives you back your time. Time that is normally spent on red tape – procurements, vendor proposal assessments, contract negotiations, deeds of standing offer, work orders, invoicing, security and accessibility compliance.


The govCMS administrator interface is simple to use. You will be able to create and update content with the visual editor without knowledge of HTML coding.


govCMS offers great value for money as it leverages from the public cloud infrastructure to reduce hosting and software maintenance costs for government. The platform is more than just hosting; it includes complete cloud management, 24x7 application support and completed IRAP security assessment and DDOS protection software.


govCMS is built on Drupal Open Source Software allowing reuse and adaptation of solutions from around the world. All govCMS changes go through a certification process to maintain the integrity of govCMS. Oh, and there is no license fee for the software and no vendor lock-in.


With Government website audiences increasingly mobile, and new devices appearing all the time, rest assured that govCMS will provide a responsive solution without any effort on your part. Your website will look and work great on any device.

govCMS Partners

If you are working with a Government Agency who is a candidate for govCMS, please download the govCMS partner brochure here.

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