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Acquia Achieves “Official: Sensitive” Classification following Australian Infosec
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Connecting Australian Government to Residents

As leaders of government race to transform their digital experiences to meet an entirely new level of expectations, Acquia's solutions provide the governance, ease of use and ability to scale that governments need to connect to their residents wherever they engage online. n

Only Government Drupal provider on AWS Marketplace

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Deliver Unmatched Digital Experiences

With traditional solutions, governments struggle to deliver new digital services and justify the high investment to residents. Acquia's solutions provide the combination its open-source roots with a no-code interface and personalization capabilities to equip agencies to quickly deliver content to residents online.

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Cost of Ownership that Scales

With a scalable solution, IT teams can manage a portfolio of websites and digital applications, all while reducing costs associated with maintaining and operating each application.

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Simple and Fast Content Deployment

No-code solutions designed to empower departments to deploy content in response to questions and concerns regarding the pandemic and how your agency is meet. Reach your residents on the digital channels they engage and eliminate a high volume of inbound requests.

Simplify Content Delivery

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Only Government Drupal Provider on AWS Marketplace

Governments choose Acquia because our Cloud applications run on a Drupal-optimized platform, hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment. With AWS Enterprise Support, our cloud architecture is optimized to provide the best possible experience to our customers. 

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How the Australian Public Sector Can Deliver Great Digital Experiences

Citizens expect the Australian government's digital experience to provide content and services personalised to their needs, while ensuring security.