Let’s Dig In: Building the Foundation for Acquia DAM

Let’s dig in, shall we? 

Introducing a new enablement series for Acquia partners. "Let’s Dig In" is a two-part series that aims to equip partners with the knowledge and know-how to identify opportunities, pitch clients, and drive a successful implementation for large-scale digital transformation projects using Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Acquia DAM solutions. 

We will spend time on the following topics:

  • How partners are feeding their consultancy practices with our digital factory solutions
  • What to listen for in prospective opportunities 
  • How to collaborate with Acquia Professional Services for successful implementations

These sessions are short (30 minutes) and delivered by product and solutions experts for Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Acquia DAM teams.

Session 1: Let’s Dig In: Building the Foundation for Acquia DAM

Attend this 30 min introduction to Acquia DAM for partners to find out what all the excitement is about and why it’s the right solution for your customers!  With Acquia’s new(ish) cloud-based DAM solution you can offer high value services that compliments their Drupal property investment and gets them out of “Dropbox chaos”.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Refresh for what Acquia DAM is, how it works, how it’s packaged.
  • How to describe to your customers the value of using Acquia DAM.
  • What services you can provide that we hear customers asking for.

Session 2: Let’s Dig In: Hunting and Gathering the Large-Scale Digital Transformation Project

Based on what we covered in Session 1, we’ll take a look at the combined power that an Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Acquia DAM solution provides for brand-conscious organizations tasked with large-scale digital transformations.  

In this session, we will cover the following topics:

  • How and why Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Acquia DAM can be leveraged together to solve an organization’s multi-site, multi-asset, multi-brand challenges.
  • How to look for Partner services opportunities with these challenges.
  • How best to position the solution when it comes time to pitch to a client.

Featured Speakers

Jenni Lee

Jenni Lee

Former Product Marketing Manager Acquia

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