Episode 3: How to Execute a Persona-based Content Strategy at Scale

You can’t personalize content without knowing the interests and behaviors of your audience. And you won’t be able to understand their preferences without first having a holistic view of customer data across systems.

After Episode Two you should have an understanding of what data to collect and how to define your customer segments. Now you are ready to tackle the challenge of developing and executing on a persona-based content strategy, at scale.

In Episode Three, you will learn tips for accelerating your content creation and delivery in order to continuously drive engagement and conversions across all of your individual segments, including:

  • Determining value propositions for each of your individual personas
  • Creating diverse types of content to support each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Increasing content efficiency by repurposing relevant materials
  • Evaluating and iterating your content strategy in order to capitalize on your content marketing efforts

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