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Meagan White

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Acquia, Inc.

Meagan White is passionate about helping organizations transform their business and customer experience through digital. She has both brand and agency-side experience in developing, implementing, and managing digital marketing, storytelling and creative strategies for companies.

Before coming to Acquia in November 2016, she was a customer.

“As a customer, I was always impressed by Acquia’s forward-looking vision and commitment each and every day,” she said. “It was clear in their onboarding and delivery that Acquia wants customers to be successful from the start.”

Acquia offers a superior level of services, including training, certification, developer tools, and consulting.

“What further attracted me to the company is that Acquia has an incredible reputation in the web content management market, recognized by both Gartner and Forrester as a leader in the industry,” she said.

One of the best parts of working at Acquia is the open, diverse and collaborative culture, not to mention the company’s commitment to giving back.

“You get to work with great people in a fun environment where you're always encouraged to inspire a little crazy,” she said. “Acquia also has a strong presence in the Boston area and global tech community, supporting local charitable organizations like the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families and giving back to the Drupal open source project through its development contributions.”

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