Dominating Digital Transformation: How M&E Giants Are Maintaining Their Position at the Top

In 2006, only 22% of the Top 50 digital properties were Media & Entertainment companies. Today, this number has risen to nearly 70%. How did M&E brands achieve such growth over the past 10 years?

Media brands were the first movers to the web and mobile - but in a world dominated by digital behemoths like Google, Facebook and Microsoft - M&E brands are forced to innovate quickly in order to grow their position in today’s digital landscape.

In this webinar we'll examine the techniques they are using and how you can learn from them, including how to:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of the past: being married to proprietary vendors, relying on digital media networks, etc.
  • Build, Buy Or Partner to grow your brand and audience
  • Reach, Grow, Engage and Monetize these audiences
  • Use digital to create new lines of business, like Warner Music Group

Featured Speakers

Chuck Fishman

Former Director of Industry Marketing and Development, Acquia Inc.

Watch the recorded webinar