Business Benefits of Drupal 8: Empower Digital Innovation With the Newest Version of Drupal

The Drupal community has been anxiously awaiting the official release of Drupal 8 since it was announced in 2011. To IT professionals and Drupal developers, the improvements and benefits are clear. The advanced Symfony2 framework leverages some of the best and most scalable technologies available.

But what about from a business perspective? Even if a major redesign was not on your short-term horizon, we highly recommend educating yourself on what the release of Drupal 8 means to your organization from a digital investment standpoint. In our upcoming webinar, we partner with Mediacurrent to outline the key features Drupal 8 contains to help meet your business and brand objectives.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How Drupal 8 is helping Marketing Departments leverage their website as the most powerful branding and lead generation tool
  • Drupal 8’s improvements to Accessibility and Internationalization, allowing corporations to reach all segments of their customer base with personalized content
  • Drupal 8's mobile-friendly and responsive capabilities to make sure your content looks great on any screen
  • How to easily integrate your best of breed marketing technologies with Drupal 8 as your foundation
  • The advancements Drupal 8 provides to reduce costly security breaches and improve maintenance challenges
  • What key decision-making criteria you should use when deciding to migrate to Drupal 8

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