EvolveDrupal Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada
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Spark new ideas and fuel digital evolution

EvolveDrupal summits are ideal for anyone interested in Drupal or web design, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. You’ll get to hear inspiring talks from industry experts, gain actionable insights from ambitious real-life projects and benefit from an unparalleled in-person networking opportunity.


  Why Attend

Connect, learn, inspire.

Whether you're an open source developer, designer, project manager or executive leader, you'll be among Drupal & web design enthusiasts of every skill level.


  What to Expect

Upskill your Drupal expertise

Take your knowledge of best practices and industry trends to the next level with expert-led talks.This one-day summit is organized by Evolving Web and other sponsors, and targeted at members of the Drupal and web design communities.



Session Format

Speaker Sessions

Deep-dive into relevant topics at our Speaker Sessions (45 minutes.) Take your knowledge of best practices and industry trends to the next level with these expert-led talks.


Learn as speakers showcase real-life projects, products or case studies in quick and engaging EvolveUX Sessions (5 minutes plus feedback) and receive immediate feedback based on a three rounds of fast-feedback formula. Take away actionable insights and practical lessons that you can apply to your own projects.

Lightning Talks

Get a burst of new knowledge at Lightning Talks (10 minutes.) Break out from the same-old! These talks are a breath of fresh air that spark ideas and fuel innovation.