Campaign Studio Lead Scoring

Explore how Campaign Studio can support lead scoring for each customer which can easily help marketers to reward loyalty.

Campaign Studio Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring

Learn how to configure lead scoring on sections of your site or on the actions that your visitors take, to allow you to identify the most engaged visitors to your site.

Additional Walkthroughs

Managing your contacts

See how Campaign Studio makes it easy manage all your contacts, identify MQLs and make it all easier for marketing and sales

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Visual Email and Page Builder

Leverage the Campaign Studio Visual Builder to easily create landing pages and emails with an intuitive drag and drop editor

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Creating Customer Journeys

See how quickly you can create a detailed customer journey to keep your contacts engaged and improve your overall lead flow

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Personalized Customer Journeys

Using Dynamic Content in Campaign Studio you are able to personalize emails and messages to target the right user at the right time

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Building your campaigns

See how Campaign Studio helps you visually design a customer’s journey using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

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Simplify Campaign Management

Acquia Campaign Studio has everything you need to improve efficiency without complicating campaign management.

Then, as your business scales, Acquia Campaign Factory allows the fast and seamless deployment, management and tracking of multiple Campaign Studio instances.

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