Cloud IDE

It's your IDE. But now it's in the Cloud.

PRODUCTIVITY Local env + IDE Acquia Cloud IDE
Time required to be productive A few hours to several weeks 5-15mn
Optimized Drupal environment Manual Yes
Optimized AWS networking X Yes
Dedicated hardware per IDE X Yes
Firewall exceptions Manual Not Needed
Non-admin access sufficient X Yes
Low bandwidth requirements X Yes
Source code editor & IDE Yes Yes
Git / Git UI integration Yes Yes
PHP Code Sniffer Manual Yes
Composer / Composer 2 Manual Yes
Drush Launcher Manual Yes
Preconfigured Xdebug Manual Yes
Node.js / NPM / NVM Manual Yes
Ruby / RVM Manual Yes
Preconfigured Chromedriver Manual Yes
Built-in site preview & terminal Yes Yes
Preinstalled Drupal Plugins Yes Yes
Environment isolation Manual Yes
Role-based access X Yes
Automated user data sanitization X Yes
Single sign-on X Yes
Code, database and files synchronization Manual Yes
Prod-matched PHP configuration X Yes
Customizable PHP & MySQL Yes Yes
Acquia CLI Manual Yes
Preconfigured Drupal best practices Manual Yes
Auto-configured database connection Manual Yes
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