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Data-Driven Analytics

Analytical insights are only as good as the data that powers them. This is why data analysts and BI professionals are key stakeholders in selecting and using a CDP. Your intelligence and business insights give many teams across the organization the power to improve their KPIs and grow the company.

Acquia CDP gives data-focused teams the tools you need to harness the rich, unified insights that live in a customer data platform. From dashboards and reports to direct SQL querying and sharing data with your own BI tools -- Acquia makes it easy for your teams to get the insights they need.

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Key Benefits

Data Analysis

Analysis on data you can trust - Acquia CDP cleanses, dedupes, and stitches data together into a single, persistent customer database. Any analysis you perform on this data is going to be highly accurate.


Do it your way, easily - from building your own custom machine learning models to writing your own queries directly in the platform, get the insights you need directly from a customer data platform.


With hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics supported by Acquia’s data model, non-analytical teams can get their own insights directly from the platform, freeing your time up for more strategic projects.

Key Use Cases


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Give executives and non-technical business users the self-service insights they need through out-of-the-box, configurable, visual dashboards.


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Conduct ad-hoc analysis to get quick answers to data driven questions. Powered by Looker, gain deep insights through built-in Looks in the CDP.


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SQL Queries

Use the SQL query editor built into the CDP to directly query CDP data; easily toggle between standard Looks and dashboards and SQL.


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BI Tools

Using Snowflake Data Sharing, you can share Acquia CDP’s Snowflake instance with your own, making CDP data directly available to all your analytics and BI tools.

Key Features
Reporting and Analytics
Dashboards, visualizations
OOTB executive dashboards, reporting for non-technical users; easy to gain insights at a glance
Access for technical and non-technical teams
No technical expertise required; non-technical marketers and other teams can easily understand, while technical teams can dive deep
Create schedules and calendars for all multichannel campaigns
Over 500 OOTB reports, tailored to an organization's needs, leveraging data model to power insights as soon as data flows into the system
Configurabile at the vertical, brand, and company level to meet unique business needs
Same dataset for reporting and segmentation
One unified, persistent database powers all insights and campaigns
Calculated attributes
Calculated attributes offer refinements on analytics and campaigns
Comprehensive analytics to understand ROI
Gain insights into important details such as days since last purchase, last marketing source, etc.
LIfetime value
LTV is the core metric powering analytics and campaign analysis, feeding into other metrics
Analytics on 1x-2x buyers
Gain critical insight in to first to second time buyers or repeat buyers
RFM reporting
Gain insight into RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) analytics in the platform, as well as advanced ML reporting to calculate LTV
Integration with external BI tools
Data export and snowflake data sharing
Cross-sell and upsell analysis
Detailed reporting on upsell and cross sell metrics; recommendations for how to improve these KPIs
Acquisition source reporting
Understand how acquisition sources impact revenue, and how to nurture newly acquired customers from specific sources
Cohort and segment based reporting
Gain insights into campaign performance at the cohort level, across channels and across campaigns
Product and category reporting
Gain insights into product and category performance, including product and category migration analysis
Direct mail campaign reporting
Leverage in-depth match back reporting to understand the true ROI of direct mail campaigns
Data exploration
Explore data with drill downs, filters, cross tabulations, trend analysis, and cohort analysis
Email reports to other users
Share reporting insights with all team members across the org, including leadership
No SQL expertise required
Non-technical marketers and other teams can easily gain insights through visual and intuitive reporting
SQL access on the backend if needed
Teams with SQL expertise can directly query CDP data to get the insights they need
Built-in Data Visualization
Explore data with Looker-based visualizations, conducting ad-hoc analysis, dashboarding, and data exploration
Geographical reporting
Geocoding or location data shown or calculated
Retail-focused metrics OOTB
Analytics and KPIs for retail, direct mail, email, ecommerce and physical store
Analytics at Acquia

Why Acquia Analytics?

Analytics can often be thrown around casually to mean insights of some kind. For Acquia, analytics means out of the box and configurable dashboards, reports, direct query access, and connectivity to external BI tools. It means consistently cleansed, deduped, and refreshed data all teams can trust. It means greater efficiency for analytics and BI teams, and for your organization at large.

Democratized Data

Acquia CDP provides dashboards, reports, and direct query access for non-technical and technical users alike.

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Snowflake Data Sharing

Snowflake Data Sharing allows Acquia CDP’s Snowflake instance to share data directly with your company’s Snowflake instance, enabling you to slice and dice data using your own tools and systems.

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Identity Resolution

Acquia CDP’s identity resolution engine ensures that you are gaining all analytical insights based off an accurate and comprehensive 360 profile

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Acquia [Digital Experience Platform] excels at gathering user data in all aspects. This data can be used throughout various platforms, and we have even integrated segment data into Analytics to get more granular data that can be used for even more actionable insights on campaigns other than ones in Acquia as well.

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