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Digital Asset Management

Protect Your Brand with Digital Asset Management

January 31, 2023 5 minute read
How can digital asset management protect your brand? Learn how a DAM system like Acquia DAM (Widen) helps safeguard your organization’s brand assets.
Knight riding horse with shield that says DAM
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Digital Asset Management

Did you know that by not using a centralized system to store and manage your digital assets you’re putting your brand at risk? That risk comes from crashed hard drives, missing metadata, and the slow creep (or disastrously fast explosion) of inconsistent brand experiences. If you want to avoid unintended damage to your company’s lifeblood, it’s time to learn how to protect your brand with a digital asset management (DAM) system.

Customer experience (CX) happens across more teams, devices, and channels than ever before. You’ve got social media managers who use their smartphones and Instagram to provide a window into your company culture. Videographers produce dynamic stories for your website. Creative teams produce new branded materials that are published across the web and printed for in-person communications.

Where do you put all that content? What system do you use to publish it? How does everyone across your global organization find the right logo file to use? Without the tools and processes to centralize, review, manage, and publish all of these digital assets, you’re leaving your brand exposed to unnecessary risk. Thankfully, protecting your brand starts with a simple concept — storing and managing your brand assets in a centralized location.

What options are available to protect your brand?

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See how Hootsuite, Brooks Running, and the Houston Texans use Acquia DAM for their brand management. 



When it comes to storage, many people make multiple back-ups of their computer systems and storage devices. But if you’re not careful, this can turn into loads of duplicate data. While your teams are working hard to keep up with the velocity and volume of marketing content, they will be increasingly slowed down by the confusing mess of their brand assets.

Accessibility, governance, and transparency are key to preventing inconsistent branding. A lack of clarity around which file is the final version, where it can be used, and for how long can lead to confusion and even legal trouble. But your organization can avoid those risks.

“Your brand is everything. It’s your image. It’s exactly who you are and how you want to be seen by your market,” explains Trey Bailey, Digital Asset Manager at Brooks Running.

That’s why brands use DAM to improve how their assets are organized and accessed. Today, businesses are extending their DAM system upstream in the creative process to support more effective review and approval workflows. Downstream, brands use DAM systems to facilitate more dynamic asset sharing and distribution.

What are the benefits of using DAM for brand protection?

DAM tools help organizations improve efficiency, increase effectiveness, and gain greater control over the vast amounts of digital media and brand assets at every stage of the content lifecycle.

A DAM system helps protect your brand by:

  • Creating a central source of truth for all digital media
  • Providing safe and redundant storage across geographically separate data centers via a cloud-based system
  • Allowing visibility into the global representation of your brand across media, product lines, and geographic regions
  • Enforcing governance through roles and permissions to securely control access to assets
  • Setting expiration dates to prevent teams from using outdated and irrelevant assets
  • Integrating with digital right management (DRM) tools to put digital barriers in place to protect content that’s been published online
  • Enabling a distributed workforce to securely access files from anywhere via the internet
  • Using asset-level and system-level analytics to monitor the use of your brand assets
  • Making assets easy to find and manage with metadata
  • Versioning assets to make sure your teams are always using the most up-to-date files
  • Digitizing your brand guidelines and providing links to key assets like logos and imagery
  • Integrating your content management tools to create a seamless workflow and harmonious digital ecosystem

Brand protection in action

Brand management starts and ends with people. It’s important that the teams who activate your brand know how to do so safely, efficiently, and accurately. Let’s look at two brands who are using DAM to do just that. 


Hootsuite’s social media software is used by more than 18 million customers and employees at over 80% of the Fortune 1000. With their global headquarters in Vancouver and offices across the world, their workflows span numerous teams, continents, and time zones. Before implementing a DAM solution, the creative team noticed a lot of people were creating their own private collections of assets, resulting in outdated and low-quality images being used. Their brand consistency was suffering. 

With a DAM system, Hootsuite teams and partners now have easy access to curated content, administrative control to protect assets, and the ability to integrate the assets from the DAM site across their entire digital ecosystem. Read the full story from Hootsuite.

Canon Medical

Canon Medical manufactures a range of diagnostic systems and technologies, including CT, MR, X-ray, ultrasound, and healthcare informatics, so it’s incredibly important that the assets and information they provide to customers and sales teams are accurate. And in such a heavily regulated industry, they needed robust roles and governance to keep everything safe. Fortunately, they knew a DAM system could help them reach their goals. 

By centralizing their content and using analytics to track downloads and usage, Canon was able to have more control over regional product launches, amplify the value of their content, uphold brand consistency, and even realize cost savings through self-serve access. Read Canon Medical’s full story

Protect your brand with Acquia DAM

Don’t leave your brand exposed to damage caused by crashed hard drives, lost memory cards, ineffective workflows, and inconsistent branding. Your brand is key to your business success; you need the right solution to protect and grow it. 

Learn more about using Acquia DAM (Widen) for brand asset management and when you’re ready, get in touch to request a demo or watch one on demand today.


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