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Trial Site End User Testing

Acquia created a fictitious bicycle company named “Eudaimonia Bikes” along with an Acquia DAM trial site for general user testing available. On login page, click ‘Create Account’ to create a User Account with Registration code: AcquiaDAM

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pink acquia droplets with product screenshots from Acquia DAM coming out of them

General User Testing Guidelines


The Assets dashboard serves as the home page for your DAM.

  • Tell your brand story for how you want users to use your DAM and your brand assets
  • Provide 1-click access to saved searches, curated collections, brand guidelines, and portals
  • Offer training, help messages, and contact information for site administrators
  • Provide curated experiences for different personas as defined by user roles

Use a variety of search functions to help users find what they need.

  • Quick Search, Categories, and Collections
  • Advanced Search based on asset metadata
  • Search within search results and faceted search using metadata as filters
  • Search by similar assets based on look or metadata from the Asset Digest 

Create branded webpages or microsites to share curated sets of assets for any purpose.

  • Create a standard portal to quickly share assets or collections
  • Created a brand portal to digitize your brand guidelines and get more design flexibility
  • Create a video portal to share video assets within video-friendly portal 

Share assets one-at-a-time or in bulk, or copy embed codes to publish assets online.

  • Copy a share link or embed code (or create you own) to share or publish online
  • Share assets via email with available conversion formats or share as a collection

Download original or converted assets on-the-fly from preset conversion formats.

  • One-at-a-time from the search results or assets digest
  • In bulk using the selection panel in the top right
User Settings

Update your user settings and set your notifications preferences. 

  • Additional notifications settings are available with additional permissions.
pink acquia droplets with screenshots from the Acquia DAM trial site

Get Your Own DAM Trial

For access to more advanced functions and administrative tools, request your own branded trial site at Within your own site, you’ll have the ability to: 

  • Upload your own assets
  • Add/edit metadata
  • Create and collaborate with other users at your organization
  • View analytics and run reports
  • Plus many more capabilities to support any of your use cases to create, manage, distribute, and track your digital assets

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