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Find Content Using Related Assets

May 3, 2023 3 minute read
Find similar assets faster with Acquia DAM’s related assets feature.
Blog header image: Find Content Using Related Assets article.

There are many ways to find an asset in Acquia DAM (Widen). You can search, filter, browse categories or collections, access a portal … the list goes on. Each way has its own uses. One of those helps you discover other assets that are available while you’re already looking at an asset.

Using related assets

If you’re already using Acquia DAM, you’ll see related assets on the asset digest page for each individual asset. (And if you’re not an Acquia DAM customer, you can still check it out by exploring our free trial.) Once you’re on the asset digest you’ll find similar assets via: 

Related assets by metadata

This displays assets similar to the one you’re already viewing. An algorithm ranks assets that are the closest match based on all of the textual data we index for assets, including metadata, file name, collections, and categories.

By leveraging the information you’ve already added to your assets, your users can find what they need, and you won’t need to further establish those relationships between assets manually.

Related assets by look

This option allows you to find assets that look visually similar to the one you’re viewing, and it’s powered by computer vision technology. The "related assets by look" feature also eliminates the need to anticipate every possible metadata theme and reduces the burden of manual tagging.

Related assets by product

Our product information management (PIM) app Entries organizes your product information, marketing copy, and digital assets in one user-friendly system. With related assets by product, your users can see which assets are assigned to that same product. This is just one of many ways we use digital asset management (DAM) and PIM to establish useful connections between your product information, digital assets, and the products they represent. 

Companies like McCormick and PRADCO rely on this connection to give them a 360º view of their products and to help their marketing teams stay agile and efficient. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Entries, request a demo or contact your Acquia DAM representative.

Check it out

Related assets are available in your Acquia DAM site today. Head over to an asset digest page to find similar assets. Or, request, watch, or click through a demo today to see it in action. 


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