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Partners in Digital Experience: Wipro Creates Intuitive Experiences for Site Builders and End Users

Our partner Wipro discusses how they used Acquia Site Studio to quickly pivot and relaunch the website of a major energy and utility company.

Today’s customer is leading the charge on digital transformation, and the pressure is on businesses to offer solutions from a customer-centric standpoint. Acquia’s partner Wipro, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, has been at the crux of multiple technological evolutions.

Denis Vincent, Director of Wipro’s Open Source Digital Practice
Denis Vincent, Director of Wipro’s Open Source Digital Practice
Raj Dash, Principal Consultant at Wipro Digital
Raj Dash, Principal Consultant at Wipro Digital

During the past decade, their IT experts and strategists have seen how digital experience standards have matured beyond a brand website to a multi-layered customer journey. Recently, we sat down with Denis Vincent, Director of Wipro’s Open Source Digital Practice, and Raj Dash, Principal Consultant at Wipro Digital, to discuss how they’re empowering major enterprises to scale quicker and revolutionizing traditional industries with a strong focus on the end-user experience. 

Open Source Drives Innovation Through Customizable Integrations 

Many of Wipro’s clients are multinational enterprises in industrial sectors like manufacturing and gas and utilities. These industries have a long history of investing in large, expensive corporate systems and infrastructures that must adhere to strict internal standards and security measures. “Just having a good-looking website doesn’t get these businesses the revenue they’re seeking or give them a competitive advantage to acquire customers anymore,” said Denis. “To reach today’s customers, you need to invest in the full customer journey.” 

With digital transformation moving forward at a rapid pace, these businesses need to adapt quickly to new opportunities and adopt new technologies to stay competitive. “We’re seeing more enterprises move toward open source technology like Drupal because it allows them to grow quickly without having to completely dismantle and rebuild their entire systems,” said Denis. “Drupal is also uniquely positioned because it is backed by such a powerful and globally recognized community of contributors and commercial organizations, all of which are building on its capabilities and creating new modules or integrations that enterprise brands can trust will work when they add them to their own systems.”

Wipro’s clients have expanded their vision to new channels and interfaces, compelling Wipro to take advantage of Drupal’s open, flexible infrastructure and third-party API integrations to build custom applications and capabilities. They’ve designed Drupal integrations with conversational interfaces and recently completed an integration with an electronic document service. 

“The strength in Drupal today is that it’s nimble. It’s like LEGO: you can rearrange a series of blocks and have them all fall in place for the experience that you want. Plus, you can keep building and adding new modules and pieces as you need them,” explained Denis. As businesses continue to seek digital and touchless solutions more often, both Denis and Raj predict Drupal will offer their clients the advantage to scale quicker and pivot their strategies without needing to invest heavily in a brand new infrastructure on day one.  

Simply Energy’s Rapid Replatform with Acquia Site Studio 

In Sep 2020, Wipro and Acquia completed a successful replatforming for Simply Energy (part of Engie conglomerate), one of Australia’s leading energy retailers. Simply Energy provides electricity and gas to over 700,000 customers across the country. Originally, Simply Energy wanted to update their erstwhile web content-management system (CMS) often managed by third party agencies. Like most organizations today, Simply Energy was looking at a digitally-enabled, smart web application that would attract different customer personas and help current customers see value in using various functionalities of the site.

Simply Energy Website Page large

“Once we looked at their digital infrastructure, we realized they had so many integrations and personalized campaigns that needed to be rebuilt to create a fully optimized customer journey,” said Denis. All this while helping their businesses be self-sufficient so that Simply Energy's team could author content and control how their content was used and re-used to launch new marketing content and campaigns.

A customer-centric Simply Energy website meant starting fresh with an entirely redesigned user interface. That’s when they turned to the powerful low code site-building abilities of Acquia Site Studio. Historically, large gas and utility retailers often struggle with complex and costly system upgrades and extreme competitive market pressure to earn new customer revenue. The marketing, sales and customer experience teams at Simply Energy were thrilled that Acquia Site Studio provided a fast and easy solution to create and launch their new sites without heavy reliance on IT resources and engineering talent.

“For the demo sprints, the use of Acquia Site Studio made the adoption of the Drupal CMS an easy exercise. Their technical leadership was amazed at how slick the interface was, and how independently the digital marketing and business users were able to manage the tool,” explained Denis. “Our team at Wipro hardly even had to step into the demo because the client could instantly manage the platform themselves!”

In a few weeks, Wipro and Simply Energy worked to create a sleeker and easy-to-navigate homepage and landing pages with the Site Studio tool. After just three months, they delivered a totally new digital platform and website experience. The relaunched site now features an intuitive layout and personalized resource center on the home page. Customers can now access the information they needed with a single click.  

Creating Intelligent Customer Experiences for Gas and Energy 

Even utilities and services providers are now expected to offer the same customer-centric journeys as those provided by familiar e-commerce retailers like Amazon or AliExpress. “People expect utilities to get with the times. We’ve moved beyond requesting customers to pay bills via paper mail or call to report an issue with their service,” said Raj. “The pressure is on the utility company to reach out and send that bill to a customer’s device of choice and proactively communicate with them about outages or updates on any channel, whether that be Twitter or texting or in their inbox.”

As service providers compete for customer loyalty and as customers’ needs evolve, digital experience platforms (DXP) provide a powerful foundation for companies to build new solutions and services. Wipro believes that for their clients to deliver smart and personal customer journeys, they need to infuse the reach and power of a digital experience platform with a layer of data and customer intelligence. By integrating Drupal with the AI-powered intelligence engine Wipro HOLMES, they’re able to more effectively understand what an experience looks like from the customer’s perspective and empower end-to-end solutions that align with their audience’s goals.

For example, the new Simply Energy site leverages personalized customer insights to recommend resources for staying with their services when they move to a new district or home. Rather than just having a basic homepage that directs people to log in or pay their bill, utility companies should be thinking about the questions and problems real people have and offer a tailored user experience. “Today, every industry needs to operate in that same intuitive, customer-facing e-commerce model,” said Raj. “We’re helping people engineer customer journeys that make sense from the customer side and applying that intelligence to the digital experiences we build for enterprise businesses.”  

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