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Partners in the Digital Experience

Partners in Digital Experience: How Inetum Delivers Brand Consistency Across a Multi-Brand Ecosystem

October 11, 2021 4 minute read
Acquia sat down with Eric Dang at Inetum to discuss how Inetum delivers brand consistency across a multi-brand ecosystem.
multibrand ecosystem

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Partners in the Digital Experience
 Eric Dang, Project Director and Agile Expert at Inetum

Digital progress is pushing onward at a breakneck pace, and technologies, innovations and people’s expectations are evolving just as quickly. In an era marked with disruption and uncertainty, Acquia Partner, Inetum rose to the challenge to continue to provide exceptional end-to-end journeys for customers around the world. Inetum, a global digital and IT services company headquartered in France, was named a 2020 Acquia Partner of the Year for delivering exceptional value to customers across industries from finance to manufacturing to public health. We sat down to speak with Eric Dang, Project Director and Agile Expert at Inetum, on how they’re reinventing modern digital experiences to create an adaptive and agile customer journey.   

Digital Acceleration Depends on Embracing Open-Ended Innovation 

The world of digital experience is open-ended and in constant motion. While businesses can’t see into the future, they still must build a technical ecosystem that is ready for solutions that might not exist yet. Rather than limit progress with siloed, prescriptive customer journeys, Inetum believes in diversifying its solutions and building in flexibility across the full customer journey.

“Business growth depends on getting solutions to market faster and at lower cost,” Eric explained. Disruption and frequent changes in direction are now the standard, so how can companies equip themselves to brace for frequent change? The key, says Eric, is to focus on next-generation solutions, and seek out opportunities where you can continue to optimize the user experience. “We believe in bringing together the best solutions in our field and creating a technical infrastructure that is open and versatile,” he said. Instead of a one-size-fits-all platform, Inetum wants to give clients the best solutions for their particular goals. Whether a company wants to evolve its digital commerce approach or double-down on a personalization strategy, the technology you build on needs to be flexible enough to support and adapt to new priorities. 

Embrace Growth Without Sacrificing Consistency and Performance

“What makes a good user experience can vary based on your industry and target segment, but consistency and efficiency are requirements for every experience, no matter who you’re serving,” said Eric. Inetum believes in the power of an open source CMS like Drupal because of its proven reliability and powerful framework. Drupal has an advanced system for managing structured data and content that allows teams to reuse and rearrange different components and features to serve multiple functions.  

Recently, Inetum and Acquia took on a project to centralize hundreds of websites for an international aerospace manufacturer in order to improve brand consistency, lower maintenance costs and accelerate essential updates. The Inetum team leveraged Acquia Site Factory to implement a centralized console that could manage all of the manufacturer’s digital properties. The result was a more responsive and fast-acting web presence. They built a web ecosystem that enforced critical compliance and security while still allowing for a measure of flexibility and freedom to serve multiple audiences and regions.

Inetum’s professional services team also employed the low-code site-building tools within Acquia Site Studio to accelerate the creation of new websites and bring all of these reimagined websites to market faster. “Site Studio and Site Factory allowed our teams to work faster while still prioritizing governance and consistency across all sites,” said Eric. “Before embarking on the project, we wanted to communicate the importance of change management to our client and their own web teams. As everyone (developers and business users) collaborates to make changes to websites and build applications, businesses need to set a standard in place that addresses any risks or discrepancies that may arise.”

The need to bring disparate experiences together to form a cohesive brand story is one that Eric and Inetum believe will be even more important going forward “The market today is seeing so much consolidation across industries, and with frequent mergers and acquisitions, we can expect more businesses will need reliable and efficient ways to manage a multi-brand global presence,” he said. As the digital experience space propels toward the future, the need to drive integration and connection at every stage is what will allow businesses to thrive. 

To learn more about the great work that Eric and the Inetum team are doing, contact him at: [email protected].

And learn more about Acquia and Inetum’s digital transformation successes by watching our LinkedIn Live recording from Experience Acquia France.

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