Opening Up: What Does "Open" Mean to You?

We gathered perspectives across the entire Acquia community and asked them a single question: "What does open mean to you?"

Welcome to the first installment of our new “Opening Up” blog series where we share perspectives on what matters most in the world of digital experience. 

At Acquia, we work to engage people and foster innovative solutions through freedom and collaboration. We believe that building strong relationships requires listening to and understanding what real people value most. With an abundance of new marketing strategies, web developments and digital transformations happening every day, everyone has their own opinion on what makes up truly great digital experiences. Finding the best solutions starts with asking the right questions and embracing a diversity of viewpoints. 

For our first post of this series, we asked our experts from across all departments from marketing to sales to IT to share their perspectives on a question that gets straight to the heart of Acquia’s vision statement: “What does open mean to you?”


“Open" to me is about transparency. It can relate to software code, (you can look "under the hood" to see/tweak how it works), it can relate to interpersonal relations (you are honest and authentic, thereby transparent about your motivations and intentions); It can relate to the way business is conducted (clearly communicating goals, both achievements and setbacks), and many more examples!” 

-Angie Byron, Senior Director of Product and Community Development

“Open means the availability of data to flow freely between systems, people and process, with no barriers, allowing for its use to derive insights in order to make and take more efficient and effective decisions that deliver better results.”

 -Fernando Saenz, Business Development Representative

“Open means that we're transparent with our failures as well as our successes. We share how we do the things we do so that everyone can learn from it. Open also means that we are ready to learn from others, especially people whose lived experience is different than our own.”

-Erin Rasmussen, Technical Account Manager

“In terms of technology, it means solutions that are built to evolve — architecture that allows for the technology to be easily modified — taken apart and re-worked, built upon, expanded, integrated, etc. It also means tech that's built with constant input from the end user to ensure the product is in the language of that user and works the way their brain works.

In terms of companies/teams, open means collaborative and transparent. Creating a safe space for everyone to constantly share ideas even if the idea sucks. And more than creating a safe space for this, open means all levels of leadership actively seeking this participation from the team. More fluid conversations and recurring opportunities to get new input and a broader perspective in pursuit of making things better, smoother, more valuable and more compelling.”

-Dave Bor, Director of Marketing

“Open means having the ability to control your digital future. The keyword ‘open’ goes with agility, and today, enterprises must be agile in order to compete and deliver tremendously relevant customer experiences.”

-Brenno Valerio, Managing Director, Latin America

“Open means building and sharing a community that allows for democratized power and voices. An ‘open’ community is: Open to diverse ideas; Open to collaboration and constant improvement; Open to new experiences; Open to all who want to help build."

-Ben Silverman, Social Media Manager

“For me, open means you are free. You are not afraid of new things, and you aren’t afraid of sharing your opinions or thoughts. You gladly accept challenges and try to learn from it or adjust to them.” 

-Stutee Panda, Support Engineer

“Open to me means knowledge, community, shared effort. Open means that I can dig deeper if I need to or I have the time, or that anyone can do it after me. Open means that I can search in forums and search engines for more people and solutions to the same issues or problems I am trying to solve. Open means that what I do and use is available for everyone, including myself.

But most importantly, open means HONESTY and full transparency for customers and everyone else to see and judge the work that we are doing.”

-Alejandro Moreno Lopez, Technical Architect

“Open means limitless. Having open tools to work with your team, not against it. Open is being able to avoid silos, data limits, tool restrictions, manual work, user limits, gates, etc... Open is when you can accomplish what you want —not what your tools will let you.”

-Marnie Baxter, Marketing Programs Manager

“Open means choice. Open means the freedom to choose best-in-breed tools when creating business solutions. Open means freedom as in no vendor lock-in. Open means flexibility, such as having robust APIs for integrating processes, automation and tooling when needed. Open means having a responsive, thriving open source community contributing to make an application better for everyone's collective benefit.”

-Kent Gale, Senior Director, Customer Success Innovations

“Open can connote a number of different things, but at its core, it refers to something relatively free of constraints and controls. In my role, an ‘open system’ can show itself as ideas flowing from one part of the organization to another without much structure, guided only by the system's underlying assumptions. It allows for process experimentation, development of new common language, and unpredicted collaboration... essentially, innovation.”

-Josh Higgins, Strategic Programs Manager

At Acquia, open is more than open source; it’s a way of thinking about opportunities and being ready to face whatever the future holds. It means the freedom to start conversations with customers wherever they are and never feeling limited by your resources or your teams. 

For even more of our perspective on the power of open in digital experiences, download our e-book: Why Digital Experience Management Needs an Open Platform

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