Why Digital Experience Management Needs An Open Platform

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Digital experience matters. Whether you’re a company or government organization, the first interaction a customer or constituent has with you today will likely be digital. In many cases, every interaction they have with you will be digital. The quality of that experience makes a big difference; it can be the difference between lifelong loyalty and losing a customer from one second to the next.

However, there are three factors making it challenging for brands to deliver the consistent and convenient digital experiences customers expect:

  • The proliferation of digital channels
  • Scaling your marketing efforts to multiple brands, regions or languages
  • Siloed customer experiences

To overcome these challenges and facilitate seamless orchestration of digital experiences across all channels at scale, you need a digital experience platform (DXP) that supports consistency and innovation, while still being flexible, extensible and adaptable. In other words, you need an open DXP. 

Download this e-book to learn what “open” truly means and why just as every company needs a website, every company now needs an open DXP. 


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