Opening Up: How Does Employee Experience Influence Customer Experience?

We asked Acquians to describe how improving the employee experience can influence the customer experience.

If you’ve ever stepped foot into the tech industry, you know the importance of customer experience (CX) on a company’s brand. However, for many organizations, employees are your first and best customers. Employee experience (EX) can impact everything from productivity to customer satisfaction, so understanding the link between the employee experience and the customer experience is important to helping brands better meet their goals. We asked Acquians to describe how improving the employee experience can influence the customer experience. 


“The employee experience can inspire trust and confidence. If employees have a negative or unhelpful experience, they are likely to make assumptions about what similar experiences are like for our customers.” 

- Jenn Sramek, Director of Learning Services


“Employees are the key to success anywhere. While it is true that we do not succeed unless our customers do, I believe that we have to make sure our employees are satisfied FIRST.  So, when you speak about Employee experience, they need to be invested in the overall success of their situation first, which naturally becomes a reflection of their approach and management of customers. If they are happy, the customers will be as well. We will go out of our way to make sure of that - if we know we are being heard and respected as well.”

- Jonathan Ziegler, AVP, West, Mid-Market Sales - Americas


“Teamwork is the key to success. Each one of us has to play our part to make us successful as a team. Improving employee experience with entrusting them, listening to their ideas, making them feel valued, appreciating them and investing in the employees will not only encourage them to own the work but think and contribute to the company business as well by ensuring that we exceed customer’s expectations.”

- Harshit Sharma, Principal Software Engineer


“As someone in a marketing role, creating a transparent and easy to understand employee experience helps me better understand a company's vision which translates into helping me communicate this vision to the customer. If you can clearly understand business decisions and connect them to value, then it makes the way you interact with customers more authentic.”

- Paige Breaux, Content Marketing Manager 


“Motivated employees are more likely to want to keep their customers happy to benefit the company. If employees are recognized for their work, particularly with customers, and are driven by recognition, they'll do more to earn that recognition. If employees are given opportunities to learn about new products or technologies, they can pass that knowledge on to customers to help them realize more value from Acquia. If employees know the organization structure, they'll be able to get help for customers easier when needed.” 

- Andy Towne, Marketing Cloud Consultant


“Productive, effective employees are the key to great customer experience. When organizations enable employees with the information and resources they need, the net result is a workforce that is more empowered to support customers and create amazing customer experiences.” 

- Anna Bruning, Sr. Manager, Demand Generation

To learn more about how companies can create better customer experiences by improving the employee experience, download our whitepaper: Moving from Intranets to Employee Experience Platforms

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