HubSpot vs. Acquia Campaign Studio: Overall Value to Marketers

Both HubSpot and Acquia Campaign Studio have pros and cons when it comes to marketing strategy. Which marketing platform provides the best value?

In the previous two parts of our HubSpot vs. Acquia Campaign Studio series, we discussed the differences in features, contact management and integration capabilities between the two marketing automation platforms. While both HubSpot and Acquia Campaign Studio have their pros and cons when it comes to marketing strategy, which marketing platform provides the best value to marketers?

The overall value that each of these platforms offer is subjective. Given the similarities in features, marketers will be able to fulfill their main marketing automation needs with either option. However, Acquia Campaign Studio offers the scalability and flexibility to more quickly adapt to changing business needs than HubSpot. 

HubSpot is very marketer-centric and can truly exist as an organization’s one-stop shop for a marketer’s needs. Everything from email building, to landing page creation, to various automation processes, to reporting is all encompassed in the Marketing Hub of HubSpot. Having all of these core marketing functions in one platform allows marketers to easily access data in order to improve customization, and strategy in real time. 

While Acquia Campaign Studio can exist as a one-stop shop for marketers at any level, the platform is also constructed in a way that will “play nice” with many other applications. Campaign Studio’s API-first architecture manages integrations really well. The process is seamless and the amount of communication between applications is so fluid that you could forget it’s there. With connector-based, template-based, and custom integrations to support inbound and outbound data flow, Campaign Studio maximizes the ROI of the data that lives in your ecosystem.

New AND existing templates in Campaign Studio are very easy to edit with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Various building blocks of emails (subject line, recipients, publish and unpublish times and send times) can all be found on one screen, making your review process before sending an email super easy. In addition to a new user-friendly experience, Campaign Studio’s email builder allows you to customize a wide range of components once you’re comfortable with the platform—this ranges from the look and feel of emails to the way in which an email appears in a users’ inbox via the use of dynamic content

Yup, you can send members of the same list different versions of the same email based on differentiators like industry, company, revenue, registration status, etc. Many of the customization options don’t require HTML. However, for those of you who are HTML savvy, the email builder welcomes you with open arms. 

Journey Builder - GIF
              Building a campaign with Acquia Journey Builder 

The way in which Campaign Studio utilizes journey building (workflow automations) is where many marketers will find it hard to find a platform that compares. The vast functionality and use cases of Acquia Campaign Studio’s Journey Builder allows this feature to be used in just about any instance. 

Sending an email? Use Journey Builder. Building a contact list? Use Journey Builder. Collecting webinar attendees and no-shows into separate campaigns? Use Journey Builder. Not only is the UX intuitive and playful, but the sheer power and functionality of this feature is truly a work of art. The Journey Builder in Acquia Campaign Studio is what allows the platform to be so flexible and dynamic when it comes to the needs of a business and the greatest value to marketing teams.

Last but not least, Campaign Studio has a multi-tenant feature called Campaign Factory. This enables businesses to run marketing automation in a “distributed marketing” model. Campaign Factory acts as the “parent” system, and hosts downstream “child” instances of Campaign Studio. This allows businesses to centralize marketing resources and build best practices for multichannel campaigns via the golden template feature, which can be pushed to all instances with specific campaign and branding rules in place. 

All in all, Campaign Studio and Hubspot are both excellent Marketing Automation Platforms and buyers don’t need to stress while making their purchase decision. It should always come down to personal preference, existing installed technology, and what is right for the buyer. Ultimately, we’re biased towards Campaign Studio, but always support our customers no matter which direction they go! 

For even more information on the differences between HubSpot and Acquia Campaign Studio, get our whitepaper: Are You Ready to Graduate from HubSpot?

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