How Marketers Can Orchestrate Customer Experience with Acquia Campaign Studio’s Journey Builder

For marketers building and optimizing campaigns, Acquia Campaign Studio's Journey Builder is a must-have feature.

As someone working in marketing operations, I’ve become quite familiar with marketing automation platforms and spend much of my time building and optimizing marketing campaigns. One feature that has become a must-have for me is Journey Builder, Acquia Campaign Studio’s campaign and automation building feature. This feature gives life, mobility and agility to the Campaign Studio platform as a whole. In this blog, I’ll walk you through how a marketer can use Journey Builder for everything from plug-in integration management to contact list updates to campaign automation. 

Journey Builder and Contact Management

Good contact management and hygiene are the foundation of any successful marketing program — and the ease in which marketers can communicate with those contacts is what distinguishes successful campaign builders from mediocre ones. Campaign Studio’s Journey Builder enables marketers to easily segment and communicate with contacts within a few simple clicks. Because of the sheer power and versatility of this feature, marketers will find themselves using Journey Builder for a wide range of contact management tasks.

Need to send geo-targeted emails to an audience but don’t want to build out separate segments or campaigns? You can use Journey Builder to differentiate one segment geographically, send out those tailored emails, collect form fill data and push that data to the appropriate integration. 

If you find yourself needing to mass-modify a group of contacts, Journey Builder is the tool for you. Let’s say you’re starting up an account based marketing (ABM) campaign in which a specific group of contacts from Company A will need to be tagged as “ABM_contact.” This can be done using Journey Builder in as few as three steps. 

Journey Builder allows marketers to be agile and dynamic when it comes to the business needs of contact management. Plus, Campaign Studio captures all record history for each contact whenever they flow in and out of a journey. This feature affords marketers the ability to provide a personalized experience for contacts at minimal, manual expense to them.

Journey Builder and Campaign Management

Acquia Campaign Studio has everything you need to improve efficiency without complicating campaign management. Design, automate and optimize engaging, high-performing campaigns with ease with Journey Builder.

Whether you’re building a simple follow-up campaign for a webinar or an extensive, quarter-long nurture, Journey Builder can help marketers efficiently achieve success. Because Journey Builder can interact with so many components both within and outside of Campaign Studio, marketers will find it easy to build and edit extensive campaigns. Journey Builder can send emails, score contacts, pivot based on actions taken by the contact (such as form fills or webinar attendance), and communicate all of this with your CRM. Marketers can make edits to any step in the journey and see the impact immediately.

Marketers can swap out emails, change CRM campaigns, pivot moments (decisions), jump to different tracks or change scoring, all without having to edit or modify the journey in any way. Need to make changes to a follow-up email? Those edits are associated with that email and no edits need to be made to the journey itself or the steps that follow it. 

Flexibility and simplicity can be achieved in both complex and simple campaigns thanks in large part to Journey Builder’s ability to leverage “if/then” decisioning for multistep, multitouch campaigns.

Journey Builder and Integrations Management 

As part of an open marketing solution, Journey Builder not only blends seamlessly with components within Campaign Studio but also the various tools in an organization’s martech stack. Gone are the days in which marketers update contacts in one platform and then have to migrate to another platform to apply those same edits. Journey Builder can serve as the glue between the various platforms that marketers are using. 

Journey Builder tool was designed to communicate bidirectionally with a plethora of platforms. For example, if you’re using Campaign Studio and Salesforce (SFDC), you won’t have to worry about an update being made to a contact in one platform and not in the other. This affords marketers the ability to apply the agility and flexibility of Campaign Studio to their integrations and make their life easier. 

Campaign Studio also documents changes made to a contact within the journey and when that change was applied within an integration. This allows Journey Builder to serve as a source of truth for a marketer should an unexpected change occur. 

All in all, with Acquia Campaign Studio, you can deliver a holistic customer experience that is easy to design and manage. The visual Journey Builder tool makes it easy to see each stop in a workflow and create simple transactional campaigns or sophisticated journeys. And when you’re running multiple campaigns across various touchpoints to create meaningful connections with each customer or contact, Journey Builder becomes a marketer’s best friend by taking away some of the complexity of orchestrating the customer journey.

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