Customer Journey Orchestration Is More Than Web, Emails

The customer journey extends beyond web and email. Brands can find success via omnichannel experiences.

It’s an omnichannel world today. Your brand is just living in it.

In the age of the customer, marketers are constantly challenged to create the best possible customer experiences using all their customer data, across multiple engagement touchpoints, leveraging a diverse stack of marketing and ad technology.

Brands have learned that connecting the dots is not easy. Most marketing strategies are backed by a marketing automation system, typically built and adopted to support two main engagement channels: web and email. The focus is usually on content and offers – sending batches of emails, on a predefined schedule, to audience segments to get them to engage.

Email deals with just a slice of the marketer’s engagement options. Too often, the communication is reactive. And it’s often not informed by the real needs or wants of customers; it’s often about you and your brand, when you want them to hear about it ... not about the customer at all.

It works, but there are greater possibilities. Brands are neglecting the bigger opportunity to be relevant on many channels at all moments of the customer lifecycle.

Brands need to look beyond the website and email to build connected experiences across more than two channels. There are huge opportunities to connect with customers via mobile apps, social media, digital ads, even offline through in-store experiences and call centers.

The challenge isn’t just identifying the channels where your customers are, it’s understanding who they are, what they’re doing, and what they want in that moment to move them along the path to their satisfaction.

We’re talking about real-time marketing in the context of the individual. It’s a challenge worth solving for brands that aspire to win in their market by differentiating on the basis of great experiences and relevant customer engagement.

Acquia Journey: Welcome to Always-On Marketing

Marketers and customer experience pros need to understand where customers are, what actions they’ve taken, and what they’re likely want and respond to next. If they can do that, they’re on the way to being able to orchestrate personalized customer experiences across many channels and deliver huge business and customer benefit: the best next action or offer at the right time, on the right touchpoint to maximize customer relevance.

Acquia Journey is a customer journey orchestration solution that makes it possible to move beyond scheduled marketing events to adopt an always-on marketing and customer experience strategy.

In addition to providing tools to map the customer journey, Acquia Journey helps to unify customer data so that it’s accessible to and actionable by the business. It provides the tools to connect martech and ad tech so diverse tools work together. An automated decision engine determines the best next action or offer and triggers the right system at the right time to send an email, push a text message, display a social media ad, or customize a call center response.

Acquia Journey’s benefits are easy to understand by comparing traditional approaches to marketing automation versus always-on, highly personalized journey orchestration.

Journey helps brands meet new customer expectations by enabling them to operate in a “listen, trigger, deliver, react” mode. With capabilities supplied by Journey, brands can:

  • Gather information and analyze data across a large number of sources, so they can treat customers as individuals, not as look-alike customers categorized into broad audience segments.
  • Deliver personalized, highly targeted “best-next” content, offers and experiences by unifying more than two channels (web, email, social, in-store, call center and other channels), not just audience segment-level communications on website and email.
  • Execute a CX-focused “always on” personalized customer journey strategy that continually listens, triggers, delivers and reacts to customers, not in a predefined marketing campaign-only strategy focused on automating email delivery but based on their individual moment in the relationship.

Executing a customer-centric digital engagement strategy requires the ability to make fast decisions at scale so you can trigger the most appropriate action, content or offer on the best possible channel.

Acquia Journey treats each individual as an audience of one, enabling the next generation of always on, personalized engagement.

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