Exponential Partnership: Bounteous and Acquia

May 14, 2019 3 minute read
This post discusses how Acquia has helped its partner Bounteous create a new website for its client Enterprise Bank & Trust.

At Acquia, we believe digital transformation is key to unlocking the potential of brands to achieve new levels of growth and customer engagement. Creating the most innovative digital solutions to provide fully integrated digital experiences requires working hand-in-hand with our partners, who are able to capture a deeper level of understanding about how their clients can most successfully transform and elevate their brand in the marketplace.   

Bounteous, a leading provider of big-picture digital solution, has just launched a new website for Enterprise Bank & Trust, the second largest bank in St. Louis, Missouri, with approximately $7 billion in assets. The new website experience includes personalized content, updated product information and access to online banking, the ability to capture and measure interactions, and an integrated CRM system. What’s more, the streamlined design and core technology allows Enterprise Bank & Trust to provide an unparalleled digital brand experience for their site visitors.

In collaboration with Acquia, Bounteous employed cutting-edge technology in the website to increase personalization, security, and accessibility for Enterprise Bank & Trust. By leveraging Drupal and the Acquia Digital Experience Platform, Bounteous was able to deliver industry-leading performance improvements with increased efficiency while providing a streamlined workflow for the client. Acquia Personalization also provides an important foundation for personalization in Enterprise Bank & Trust’s local markets, which is paramount to increasing web-driven inbound leads and achieving the company’s long-term goals.

“Banking customers today expect an intuitive, seamless experience. Many financial services firms are struggling to deliver this level of services. Yet Enterprise Bank & Trust is implementing a fantastic customer-centric experience with the support of Bounteous’ substantial experience in guiding digital transformation for financial service organizations,” said Joe Wykes, Acquia SVP of partnerships. “Open source and cloud technologies are providing tremendous opportunities for innovation and best-in-class banking experiences. This level of personalization on the consumer side and ease of management on the back-end provides a tremendous advantage to Enterprise Bank & Trust.”

In seeking a new partner, Enterprise Bank & Trust sought a digital services provider that would inform, listen and push them when it came time to recommend best practices and highlight industry standards. In bringing together a talented group of development, design, analytics and marketing experts, Bounteous challenged the status quo and offered a consultative approach for Enterprise Bank & Trust to ultimately meet their business objectives.

Bounteous and Acquia have enabled Enterprise Bank & Trust to increase brand awareness and lead generation and exponentially improve its user experience. The new site has resulted in simplified maintenance, site management and optimized content updates for the bank, in addition to meeting security, performance, accessibility and scalability requirements, supported by Acquia Edge SecurityUltimately, the project positions Enterprise Bank & Trust for driving productivity and profitability.

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