Acquia Showcases Platform CDN, Marketing Cloud and More at Engage 2019

At the Engage New Orleans Innovation Showcase, we revealed many exciting products and transformed our roadmap with a series of specialized clouds.

One of our customers' favorite parts of our Engage conference is the Innovation Showcase, where we hear from our CTO and co-founder Dries Buytaert about all of the progress Acquia has made over the past year as well as the grand plans for 2020. With the year of growth and change, Acquia had in 2019, this might just have been the most exciting Innovation Showcase yet. Here are some of the highlights

This year’s showcase was particularly compelling. We launched a new product portfolio as a series of specialized clouds: Acquia Drupal Cloud, Acquia Content Cloud and Acquia Marketing Cloud. Each cloud is composed of a suite of products designed to help customers design, organize and execute solutions tailored to their needs, whether they’re a developer, digital marketer, content creator, IT professional or anyone else involved in shaping the digital ecosystem. Keep reading for a deeper look at the products that make up each of these clouds and how they work together to deliver amazing digital experiences across every channel.

acquia cloud architecture


Acquia Drupal Cloud 

Drupal Cloud has everything you need to build, design, and run sites and applications. It includes Acquia Drupal Cloud, the most efficient and secure cloud and the best hosting solution for Drupal on the market, recent updates include:

  • Platform CDN: When it comes to fast content delivery, a CDN (content delivery network) is often the preferred solution for delivering rich media at scale and offering connected, fast experiences. We announced our new out-of-the-box Platform CDN as a built-in feature that can be enabled on Acquia Cloud and available today at no extra cost. The CDN is optimized for Drupal and early users have already reported significant improvements in performance! 
  • New Relic Application Performance Monitoring: Acquia is partnering with New Relic, one of the most popular application performance monitoring vendors in the market, to allow customers to see what specific code (Drupal modules, Views, hooks), database queries or external calls may be causing issues with their site performance. 
  • Acquia Developer Studio: Our new Acquia Developer Studio streamlines the process of building, testing and deploying in Drupal, saving developer time and resources. 
  • Cohesion, Low-Code Site Building: Our acquisition of Cohesion, the world’s first enterprise-grade, low-code Drupal website builder, allows marketers and content editors to easily create site layouts more quickly at lower costs, accelerating time-to-market and lowering cost of ownership for the entire organization. 

Acquia Content Cloud 

We also previewed Acquia Content Cloud which provides tools for customers who want to author and publish digital experiences. Updates to content Content Cloud include:

  • Content Hub: Our powerful content syndication tool is now available as a standalone offering. Customers can automatically syndicate published content to dozens or even hundreds of sites.
  • Acquia Content-as-a-Service (CaaS): This new simplified authoring solution tool acts as a single location for content creation and publishing. We are opening up an Early Access program for a handful of our customers to collect feedback and make improvements as we enter 2020.

Acquia Marketing Cloud 

With the Acquia Marketing Cloud, you can connect, personalize, and engage with customers on any channel.  Recent updates include:

  • Acquia Lift: We created a new, greatly improved version of Lift, which is an easy-to-use, no-code tool that makes website personalization simple, fast and effective. With Lift, marketers are able to simply create and launch personalizations on multiple sites, all from a single location without — developer resources. 
  • Mautic: We acquired, an open marketing automation platform that enables customers to create meaningful, personalized experiences and orchestrate them on multiple channels, including email, web, SMS, social and more.
  • Acquia Marketing Cloud: We are bringing Lift and Mautic together into a single integrated solution. We are taking the best capabilities from each tool and combining them in one place so marketers can create, launch and execute multichannel, personalized campaigns all from a single interface. 

This year marked the most exciting and innovative year in Acquia’s history. And we’re not slowing down. We’re delivering more products than ever before and shipping it faster so that our customers have access to the solutions they need to lead the pack in digital transformation. For a deeper look at all the informative panels, dynamic presentations and exclusive speakers at Engage, check in throughout the week for daily recaps! 

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