Acquia DXP Unifies Marketing and IT Innovation Across the Digital Supply Chain

Our latest updates to Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) reimagines the digital supply chain from all sides.

As technology has connected the globe, business leaders can no longer focus on innovations within just a single sector or department. The current global supply chain requires continuous standardization and optimization of how we work in order to create new value. Like every chain, each application, business capability and tactic is part of a greater whole. These microservices and experiences unite and intertwine to form a powerful link. Seamless integration and an open architecture serve as the bonds between each link in the chain, connecting each component within the larger structure and enabling it to grow and scale.

At Acquia, we believe that the best way for businesses to keep up with ever-evolving demands from customers is a composable enterprise model that relies on open, modular and extensible technologies that could be rearranged and deployed at will. This composability must extend across the entire digital experience lifecycle, uniting data, content and processes in a cohesive supply chain that flows from one experience to the next. 

Digital experience is a collective, ongoing effort that is only made possible when we remove the barriers that impede progress. With our latest updates and enhancements to Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP), we’re reimagining the digital supply chain from all sides from content to data to technology.

Acquia Drupal Cloud: Empowering the Enterprise to Build Experiences at Scale 

The rise of the global supply chain model expanded the potential for businesses to reach new markets, bringing people a much broader variety of goods and services without imposing limits based on their physical location. Globalization and digitalization allowed manufacturers and businesses to produce and deliver products at a much higher volume than had ever been possible before. 

With the accelerated demand for digital experiences, businesses need to continue to scale at greater capacities and speeds, and they need to be confident that their digital infrastructure and teams are able to perform without fail no matter when or where they’re needed. Acquia believes that digital applications are a brand’s greatest 24/7 sales engine, and we’ve updated our Acquia Drupal Cloud to ensure that anyone can build and scale experiences at will.  

Acquia Cloud Next

We’ve majorly updated our Acquia Cloud Platform services to create Acquia Cloud Next, the industry's best enterprise-grade, Kubernetes-native Drupal hosting platform. Cloud Next is designed to provide organizations with maximum speed, security and resilience. Updates such as dynamic auto-scaling, optimized Memcached architecture, a rearchitected database layer and file system, and a self-healing infrastructure ensure that websites can perform efficiently and scale without any interruption to performance. In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Acquia Cloud Next gives brands the confidence to build and deliver new ambitious experiences without hesitation. 

China Managed Services

Along with breaking down the barriers to innovation and scale, a thriving modern digital supply chain needs to be available around the globe. Businesses no longer can afford to be restricted by geographic borders. We’re excited to roll out Acquia China Managed Services. This update enables organizations to deliver web experiences to their China audiences through a managed Drupal service operated from within the Great Firewall. Acquia eliminates the burden of implementing new infrastructure and launching digital properties in China with our team of security experts monitoring and preventing potential risks. 

Employee Experience Solution

With digital transformation now touching every part of an organization, employee experience needs to reflect the experience of the end customer. Content, data and technology are also building blocks of the modern employee journey, ensuring that teams can communicate easily and execute experiences from end to end.

Our Employee Experience Platform (EXP) is a modern employee experience intranet, powered by Drupal. It brings together employee systems in applications via the open-API framework of Acquia’s Open DXP. With a DXP at the core of the employee experience, employees have greater access to the tools they need to do their jobs and can more easily communicate, collaborate and access the essential information they need from benefits to payroll to company announcements. 

Acquia Cloud IDE and Developer Support

Composable architecture ensures consistency and repeatability at scale. Rather than start each project from scratch and waste valuable time on set-up before the “real work” can begin, we wanted to help devs eliminate unnecessary complexity and multiply their impact. 

Acquia Cloud IDE offers developers a full stack of optimized development tools, including PHP, Composer and Drush, readily installed and configured for the simplest and fastest onboarding process. As a browser-based source code editor and Drupal development stack entirely in the cloud, Acquia Cloud IDE will accelerate how developers write and deploy code without adding maintenance or security issues. 

Acquia Marketing Cloud: Streamlining Digital Operations with Smarter Workflows 

The fourth and most recent digital and industrial revolution was shaped by technological breakthroughs such as the Internet of Things and powered by data and advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The advent of these new digital solutions and waves of automation allowed businesses to work faster and simplify processes to drive more value in less time. With a powerful foundation of data and customer intelligence, Acquia Marketing Cloud enables marketing teams to face the future with confidence through easily accessible data that can be leveraged across multiple channels and teams, so everyone is working off a single source of truth. 

New Unified User Interface 

Today, businesses must be more agile than ever and more organizations are looking for intuitive, self-service tools that can get them the information they need when they need it. The new Unified User Interface (UI) for Acquia Marketing Cloud makes it easier to leverage the combined capabilities of Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP), Acquia Personalization, Acquia Campaign Studio and Acquia Campaign Factory. This central navigation provides a single view over all Marketing Cloud solutions, supporting a streamlined workflow across teams and regions. Now marketers have total ownership to drive data-driven campaigns.

Campaign Factory Golden Template 

An efficient global digital supply chain requires automation and standardization to create and deliver experiences across multiple brands, regions and lines of business. To help teams more effectively govern marketing campaigns across hundreds or even thousands of brands, websites and business units, Acquia Campaign Factory is introducing a Golden Template that serves as a master record to help individual teams save time making updates, building segments and deploying emails. 

Within Campaign Factory, users can manage multiple business units and accounts and replicate elements across multiple environments and campaigns at will. The Golden Template will allow internal teams to have greater control over procedures and operations. Marketers can introduce differentiated messaging and personalized experiences as needed, while still maintaining global governance and consistency without the risk of human error. 

Machine Learning Center

Acquia’s new Machine Learning Center (“ML Center”) gives marketers and business leaders a dashboard that unifies all machine learning insights within a single view. Our new Metrics Launchpad Dashboard enables Acquia CDP customers who use machine learning to gain greater insights into their customer behavior and business outcomes. The transparency and visibility into ML-driven customer intelligence allows marketers and business users to understand the impact of their campaigns (both online and offline). This new Metrics Launchpad provides easy-to-understand visualizations that connect effort to value and help organizations prioritize high value customer activities. By democratizing data and AI tools, we’re breaking down the barriers between data scientists and non-technologists to ensure that every action makes sense in the larger context of what each business is trying to achieve.


As the world continues to reinvent the way we work and live in the face of change and digital disruption, the updates we’re making to Acquia’s Open DXP will give businesses the flexibility and autonomy to design the path forward that best suits their needs. A composable enterprise eliminates bottlenecks and makes it simpler to collaborate through a flexible digital supply chain that can’t be easily rattled by sudden change.  

For more on the latest enhancements to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform, check out our press release

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