Diwali lights surrounded by yellow, orange and red flowers


Culture in Action

Acquia Culture in Action, November 2021

November 30, 2021 3 minute read
November is often a month of giving thanks, leading into the end-of-the-year festivities. Here's how Acquians showed gratitude and togetherness.
Diwali lights surrounded by yellow, orange and red flowers

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Culture in Action

November is often a month of giving thanks, leading into the end of the year. The first November holiday of our global community is Diwali, the festival of lights that begins a season of many holidays around the world and creates a spirit of positivity, joy and appreciation for each other. “Thanks” was certainly the theme for many of our activities at Acquia this month. One thing we are always grateful for is our community – our internal Acquia community, as well as the larger community in which we live and serve. Here’s a look at what Acquians did in November to show gratitude and togetherness:

Shouting Out Those Who #DoTheRightThing

This month, we hosted a special Thanksgiving edition of the CEO Office Hours. CEO Mike Sullivan invited Acquians to share stories and reflections about teams and coworkers who have contributed to Acquia’s success throughout the year and to making this company a great place to work. Heading into the holiday season, it was great to be reminded of all the accomplishments our team has achieved and to acknowledge the individuals and teams who made that possible.

#CommittedToAwesome Holiday Happy Hours

The crisp autumn weather that November brings to New England makes me want to cozy up by the fire with a seasonal beverage and fully embrace the hygge aesthetic. Our team was able to get together virtually for cocktail/mocktail hour to enjoy festive drinks that celebrated National Apple Cider Day. On November 18, we hosted a holiday mixology class through FancySips to learn how to stir up cider palomas and “fall thyme” cocktails and mocktails. Cheers!

New Acquians #JumpInAndOwnIt

More than 95 new Acquians, including many from our Pune Center of Excellence, were welcomed into our Acquia Immersion onboarding program this month. The four-day immersive experience helps new Acquians get hands-on experience with Drupal, align on our company vision and mission, and build knowledge about our products, services and the strength of our brand. Along the way, we built in social hours for Acquians to meet their co-workers from around the globe. We hosted two rounds of our popular virtual speed meeting, as well as a competitive trivia event where participants were tested on their Acquia knowledge for a chance to win a prize.

#GiveBackMore to The Wonderfund

This month, we announced our 7th annual holiday gift drive to support The Wonderfund. Acquians are helping to bring holiday cheer and presents to children engaged with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Our team is sponsoring 200 children who otherwise would not receive gifts during this holiday season. It’s always a heartwarming sight to see the gifts start to pile up in our Acquia Boston office and be reminded of the generosity of our team members.

With the holidays fast approaching, we’ll be hosting various social events in December for our global team to “come together” to celebrate another great year and the festive season. Tune in next month for the highlights or learn more about how you can join our team by visiting our careers page

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