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Culture in Action

Acquia Culture in Action, September 2021

September 27, 2021 3 minute read
Here are some of the ways that Acquians have displayed their commitment to our organization’s values this month.
team relay race

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Culture in Action

Innovation at Acquia starts with building a workplace culture that supports collaboration, communication and creativity. Acquians around the globe have continued to thrive and grow their careers, and we continue to welcome new Acquians every day! 

We’re very excited to share that Acquia’s India office has recently been recognized by Great Place to Work™ for the second consecutive year! This honor represents our commitment to building a culture of trust and excellence where people feel valued and accomplished in their work. Here are some of the ways that Acquians have displayed their commitment to our organization’s values this month. 

#BetterTogether: Acquia Welcomes Widen and Welcomes Back UK Offices 

As Acquia continues to expand our vision, we are excited to keep adding new talent to our team. On September 8, we announced plans to acquire Widen, a leader in digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) solutions located in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re thrilled to welcome Widen’s employees to our Acquia family and continue to expand the ways we serve our customers.

Along with welcoming new team members, we were excited to reconnect with other Acquians in person with the re-opening of our Brighton and Reading offices in the UK! As Acquians caught up with each other, they got to participate in fun activities including a breakfast buffet and a team-building hackathon contest.  

#DareToBeDifferent: Diversity and Education 

Acquia continues to be dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). As leaders in digital experience, we feel a duty to work to stop the systematic racism and discrimination that has contributed to opportunity gaps in the tech space. Recently, The Acquia Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence (AABLE) hosted a discussion on Critical Race Theory featuring award-winning scholar Dr. T. Anansi Wilson. The discussion examined the ways that discrimination based on race has shaped history and culture and encouraged hearing out more diverse voices and stories in education.

This month, Acquia also held a workshop dedicated to Building a Culture of Inclusion. This event explored the building blocks of Acquia’s ongoing DEI efforts and provided a forum for Acquians to share new ideas that can help us all create a more inclusive environment.   

#GiveBackMore: Supporting the World Wildlife Fund UK

Giving back not only benefits the person or organization in need but also acts as a great way to build relationships with our coworkers and accomplish difficult feats together. This month, Acquia assembled a team of determined adventurers to complete a 16 kilometer (10 mile) Tough Mudder. The money raised from sponsoring participants went to support the nonprofit organization, and Acquia customer, World Wildlife Fund.

On September 23, Acquians were also invited to join a virtual lunch and learn session by the World Wildlife Fund to promote sustainability efforts. World Wildlife Fund’s Environmental Manager, Lauren Wiseman shared some actions we can all take to reduce our impact on the environment and build a more sustainable world.  

We’re proud of the amazing accomplishments Acquians have achieved and encourage anyone who wants to be part of our culture to join our team!

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