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Acquia Culture in Action, July 2021

August 3, 2021 3 minute read
Acquia was recently named by The Software Report as one of the Top 100 Software Companies of 2021! See how we're building a strong company culture.
acquia culture summer

July was filled with a spectacular assortment of events and announcements for Acquia. Most recently, we’re proud to announce that we were named by The Software Report as one of the Top 100 Software Companies of 2021! Acquia ranked 37th on the list, alongside some of the greatest leaders in the tech industry. Here’s how we continue to grow our employee culture and foster a strong, connected work community. 

#CommittedToAwesome: COVID-19 Response Team 

This month we’re proud to highlight Acquians in India who supported our employees during difficult times. The talent team in India organized a COVID Vaccine Drive for employees in Pune. Leadership identified the need to create a quick response team to help people meet their needs in a stressful time, including getting medical tests done, food delivered and proper medical supplies. We’re so proud of how Acquians came out to take care of each other and ensure everyone had the care they needed. The India team also organized a number of uplifting events to bring joy in these challenging times including wellness sessions and speed meeting sessions to connect with fellow Acquians. 

#GiveBackMore: Charity Golf Day for Cancer Research 

Recently Acquians, customers and partners attended Acquia's Charity Golf Day to raise money for our customer, Cancer Research UK. Attendees learned everything from the rules of play to swinging a golf club and everything in-between.

#Life-At-Acquia: A Return to Headquarters! 

Acquians returned to our Boston headquarters this month to organize our work areas and prepare for a healthy transition back to the workplace in the Fall. The team was so excited to see each other in-person once again and get together after months of Zoom screens and Slack notifications. We can’t wait to officially be back on the 10th Floor again! 

#Leadership, Mentorship and an Engineering Bootcamp 

No matter what your position is in the organization, every person has moments, days or even years when they feel unsure or insecure. Last month, we invited Acquians to attend “THE CONFIDENCE GAP: Overcome Doubts with Data That Builds You Up” with Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman, where Acquians discovered and researched what makes a confident leader. These tips and strategies helped attendees understand how focusing on strengths and positive feedback magnifies your confidence and spreads this same sense of confidence throughout an entire team. 

Another way to inspire confidence and leadership skills in the workplace is by finding a strong career mentor to offer advice and guidance. This summer, we kicked off our 2021 Mentoring Program, encouraging Acquians to develop their careers and share knowledge. Leaders from across the business were matched with Acquians to help them reach their goals and gain new skills. Mentor pairs, as well as group Learning Circles, have been encouraged to meet on a regular basis, and we look forward to growing this program in the future. 

In July, Acquia hosted a learning experience called “Engineering Bootcamp,” a program meant to imbue the gap between academics and corporate practice. The program was divided into two phases. The first phase covered engineering competencies like Git, Agile and a mixed-mode of instructor-led and self-paced learning, and the second phase on specialized learning tracks. 

See the full Top 100 Software Companies of 2021 report for yourself to learn more about Acquia’s ranking, and visit Acquia Careers to join the team!


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