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Culture in Action

Acquia Culture in Action, May 2021

May 28, 2021 3 minute read
Learn how Acquia focused on wellness for our teams, and how we celebrated our diverse and inclusive workplace in May.
acquia culture in action May

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Culture in Action

At Acquia, we continue to believe that providing educational forums is extremely important to the well-being of our people. In May, we hosted new and exciting events for our colleagues in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Read more below to learn how we focused on wellness, and how we celebrated our diverse and inclusive workplace in May.  

#GiveBackMore: Caring for Our Communities: 

Acquians were invited to a sponsored event in conjunction with for their Build a Better You Challenge on May 18-20, a fun opportunity to “foster community and healthy competition, boost your team’s physical and mental well-being, and share your company’s commitment to advancing racial equity and diversity.” 25 Acquians participated in the event by logging their fitness activity through the BUILD Challenge App, completing challenges such as running, walking, CrossFit, biking, meditation and taking virtual classes! All proceeds from the event go directly to BUILD's youth entrepreneurship program serving Black and Latinx students in Boston Public Schools.

Acquia has also joined fellow Vista portfolio organizations and other global technology companies to support Seattle for India, a campaign launched by Sunny Gupta, CEO of Apptio. This campaign is directly saving lives by shipping oxygen concentrate directly to Indian hospitals to help in the fight against the global pandemic. 

#DareToBeDifferent: Connecting with Diverse Communities, Individuals and Histories

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, Acquians engaged in an in-depth presentation on the importance of Connecting AAPI Communities, Individuals and Histories. The event was hosted on May 25 with Joanne Kang, Institutional Research Analyst at Harvard School of Engineering, and Phong Luu, Director of Student Support at Columbia University. 

As part of our continued diversity initiatives, our Acquia Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence (AABLE) hosted a guided virtual and interactive tour on May 20, which featured a few exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas and a current collection of Asian Art

#CommittedToAwesome: Rest, Focus and Relaxation

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Acquians were invited to attend two webinars meant to encourage healthier mindsets and reduce stress with Headspace. All employees have access to the Headspace App, providing tools for meditation and wellness as an employee benefit. The first webinar covered How to Improve Your Focus with tips on staying more engaged and present during your workday. The next webinar called Put Your Mind to Bed - An Introduction to Sleep, provided Acquians some great strategies for preparing your mind for sleep in order to improve your overall night's rest. The webinar had attendees participate in guided meditations, providing Acquians a stress-free environment during the workday. 

To help people feel at peace in an ever-changing world, we also launched a micro-learning series designed to help people develop a positive outlook and embrace change. Each 10-15 minute learning session breaks down useful strategies for navigating transitions and taking on new challenges with empathy and thoughtfulness.


As part of our ongoing Immersion educational onboarding program, we welcomed Acquians old and new to test their knowledge in a global game of trivia, hosted over Zoom to help people meet other team members and engage in some friendly competition.

For more on how you can get in on all that Acquia has to offer, check out our Careers page.

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