Acquia & AWS

Acquia Cloud applications run on a Drupal-optimized platform hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment. Acquia uses AWS Enterprise Support in order to optimize its cloud architecture and provide the best possible experience for its customers.

Acquia + AWS

While building it yourself or self-hosting, might seem like the more cost efficient option in the short term, those projects often turn out to be a disaster. The “products” that come out of DIY efforts aren’t scalable, and they end up costing more time and energy to update and maintain in the long run.

Acquia's platform built on AWS provides:

  • Increased time-to-market to configure and optimize your stack
  • Turn-key, fully-managed Drupal Platform-as-a-Service
  • API-first integration of your own development and marketing tools
  • Centralized User Experience to manage and monitor digital properties
  • Security & Compliance audits taken care of, including PCI, HIPAA, and Fedramp compliance
  • Maintenance, patches, security updates for the entire platform, including Drupal
  • Ability to add VPC, CDN, WAF, On-demand environments
  • Selection and implementation of solutions for SEIM, firewall, virus, monitoring, and more already taken care of
  • State-of-the-Art Support & Operations
  • High-availability platform and 99.95% uptime SLA
AWS Competency Program

AWS Highlights Acquia

Acquia holds the AWS Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Competency which highlights the technology partners that deliver robust digital experience solutions to its clients while following best practices for building the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructure for industry applications.

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Acquia & AWS: Delivering on Digital Transformation

Amazon Web Services' Terry Wise talks about how Acquia and AWS combine powerful content management solutions with a scalable, secure, performant infrastructure to help customers embrace digital transformation.


Acquia Builds Compelling Customer Experiences Using AWS Support

Acquia is a cloud platform for building, managing, and optimizing digital experiences. Acquia uses AWS in a variety of ways, such as managing and provisioning the IT infrastructure necessary to host its customers’ websites and web applications. Acquia uses AWS Enterprise Support to learn about and begin using new AWS services in order to optimize its cloud architecture and provide the best possible experience for its customers.

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