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Digital Security and Governance

The best digital experiences begin with customer trust.

Keep your content and customer data secure with a platform that knows good digital experiences are safe ones.

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Minimize Security Risks

The Safest Platform for Drupal

Minimize the risk of security incidents with a fully managed platform with built in security to protect your Drupal applications from malicious attacks. Acquia provides robust security features, an extensive industry compliance portfolio, and advanced security offerings (WAF, bot management, etc.) to help you secure your content from day one.


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Enabled Security Features

Secure out-of-the-box with security features like IPv6 Support, SSH Shell Access, and Customer WAF Support

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Managed Security Services

Get Automated Drupal Security Updates, Vulnerability Scans, and Platform security audits and updates all personally managed by Acquia

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Compliance Standards

Meet standards across a variety of industries with FedRAMP Authorization, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC Type 1 and SOC Type 2, and more

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Your Drupal foundation starts here. Build, launch, and manage Drupal applications with Acquia Cloud Platform.

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Multisite Management

Security & Governance at Scale

When you have hundreds or thousands of sites, ensuring site governance and access control is critical. With Acquia Site Factory, you can easily scale, manage, and enforce code governance for thousands of sites.


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Enforce Roles & Permissions

Give users partitioned access and permissions to job-specific parts of the platform

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Multisite Governance

Define, group, and manage content and website functionality, policies, and standards

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Automated Global Updates

Enforce and automate global updates for all your sites, leaving no site vulnerable

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Secure by Design

Designed to be highly secure, with a 30+ person security team, Drupal is trusted by the most mission critical websites in the world. 10K contributors means that bugs can’t hide and makes the platform one of the most secure and stable platforms on the market.


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Drupal Steward Program

Acquia is a committed member of the Drupal Steward Program, a web application firewall that bridges the gap between security release announcements and site updates with security patches

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Expert Security Team

The Drupal project has a 30+ person security team who handles confidential reports of security problems and reviews covered modules

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Advanced Security Features

Get an adaptable system designed to meet your needs. Offering password policy and reset rules, IP whitelisting for access, audit log settings, and more.

Enterprise Security
Use Acquia to shield you from attacks and keep your customers safe.
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Advanced Security Solutions

Enhance Your Security

Unleash enterprise-grade security. Get complete coverage with Web Application, API Protection (WAAP), and DDoS mitigation to secure your applications from malicious attacks and protect your digital experiences.


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Edge Security

Thwart DDoS attacks before they reach your site, preempt threats in under 10 seconds, Web Application Firewall protects your site from threats, and beyond

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Speed up app delivery and ensure availability with 200+ PoPs, cut load times by up to 50% for static and dynamic content, and block DDoS attacks

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Bot Manager

Detect unknown bots and compile real-time and historical reporting on your site bot traffic

Customer Focused Security & Performance

Avoid data breaches, protect your customers, and give them a great digital experience and you’ll win their trust.