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Acquia DAM is the leading technology that allows brand creative operations from concept to completion and now is partnering with Stacks.

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image of a Texans football player throwing a ball cropped by a parallelogram

Manage Your Imagery

The Houston Texans Story

Use assets that support the brand

The Acquia DAM makes it easy for everyone in the Texans organization to follow their brand standards. All assets stored in the DAM are current, on-brand, and available in formats that are useful for everyone. Plus, the governance structure allows them to control what assets each user is able to access.

  • Coaches can pick from a collection of photographs to use in their powerpoints
  • Players can share their big play on social media
  • Partners can build a connection between the Texans and their brand
  • The press can use their photographs in their reporting
  • Designers and marketers can create compelling content
Find assets quickly

After each game the photos are uploaded in the DAM system and Texan staff populate metadata fields for each image. This metadata allows users to search and filter results by specific criteria, like uniform color, a player, or opposing team. With this self-service access, users are able to find and download what they need, when they need it.

Capture the excitement of game day

Before the players even enter the stadium your photographers are there – ready to capture all of the day’s activity. Those photographs will be used to connect with fans, promote partnerships, and highlight big plays in the media.

Gameday photography isn’t just used in the hours and days after the game. It lives on throughout the season...and 150 plus years into the future. Digital asset management (DAM) helps you organize, find, share, and track digital assets like photographs across their entire lifecycle.

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In less than a month, Stacks was able to get us caught up on the full season, greatly improving the speed in which assets can be located.

Erin Disney 

Digital Media Manager, Baltimore Ravens 

The ROI for Widen was [realized in] just under two years — we’ve already recognized the savings.

Christine Morrison

Director of Product Content Marketing, Fanatics

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Go Anywhere with Digital Asset Management

Build Compelling Digital Experiences
  • Create and launch new sites faster with web-friendly digital assets at your fingertips
  • Control access to assets to minimize the risk of content rights and usage violations
Enable Brand Unity
  • Present consistent brand identity by empowering all teams with guidelines and approved assets
  • Streamline review and approval processes with workflows that actually flow


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      No Matter How Big, Stacks Has Got you Covered

      People & Process Consulting

      Stacks will interview stakeholders, audit systems and standards, map processes, and lead custom workshops. Finally, we will deliver a custom "playbook" of new workflows and best practices.

      • DAM Workflow Recommendations & Validation

      • Development of Custom Training Materials

      DAM Implementations

      Stacks can help your team onboard, implement, and expand its DAM program so that you can leverage your assets to grow the fanbase.

      • Asset Enrichment (Metadata, Keywords, File Names, etc.)
      • Folder Structure & Permissions Implementation

      Ongoing DAM Support

      Stacks offers support ingesting, enriching, and organizing digital assets on a regular basis. This frees your team to focus on excelling in their roles and using their talents while filling the DAM librarian and managers all at once.

      • Expand to other Departments

      • Organize & Maintain DAM System

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