How the Australian Public Sector Can Deliver Great Digital Experiences

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • The current state of digital experience in the Australian public sector
  • What citizens expect out of their digital interactions with government agencies
  • Lessons from agencies around the world that have reimagined their digital experience
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As with commercial sites, users of government agency sites expect a quick, convenient and personalised experience. But a report commissioned by the Australian Government found that only 56% of Australians were satisfied with the government's digital services. This calls for a reimagining of the digital citizen experience.

Addressing the public's digital habits and high expectations for digital services means giving them access to the content and services they need, while personalising the experience and maintaining compliance with security standards.

Download this e-book to read real-world case studies of government agencies that have embraced digital transformation and understand the capabilities your government agency needs in order to deliver great, personalised experiences to your citizens.

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